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  1. SyNRG

    Ford Pro Electric Supervan

    Read More Here " The Ford SuperVan has returned as a fully-electric performance van making close to 2,000 horsepower. The Ford Pro Electric SuperVan is the latest in the Supervan series that, historically, has drawn from Ford’s motorsport efforts to create unique and radical vans with race car...
  2. SyNRG

    Chevy Blazer EV

    Chevy Blazer EV Article Full reveal coming July 18th, 2022.
  3. SyNRG

    Our 2021 Select SR RWD (Peasant Level Edition) Road Trip Journal

    Let me preface this with car originally was intended for wife's daily commute of 20 miles with random trips of 100 miles at most, being this is our first full BEV......... Trip one - April Spring Break - with gas prices steadily rising decided to try out the MME, took son to San Diego for a...
  4. SyNRG

    The Time Has Come.....................I Finally Ordered!

    Been on here for awhile watching all the deep dive discussions on specs, etc, meme threads, troll posts, the back and forth banter, and then folks finally receiving their MMEs. I was so jealous, just wasn't the right time for me to make a move on ordering. Fast forward to a week ago, wife's...
  5. SyNRG

    F-150e Teased.....

    Autoblog Article