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  1. dwst480

    "Greenist" Car in America

    Here's the actual report: And that page includes a link to the methodology, or here it is:
  2. dwst480

    Ford is doing better

    Not surprised Jeep is last. I keep seeing their ads saying "There's Only One." Maybe make some more!
  3. dwst480

    Farley: NACS Adapter Testing

    Trust me, it wouldn't be worth it.
  4. dwst480

    What is this symbol?

    Reviving this thread because it's as good a place as any to mention that the young woman who sold me my MME, when walking me through the drive modes, pronounced "Unbridle" as "un-brittle." I politely said nothing, but now my wife and I always refer to it as Unbrittle mode.
  5. dwst480

    Ford Credit Users - Are you able to access your portal?

    Sorry, I missed that you’d said that.
  6. dwst480

    Ford Credit Users - Are you able to access your portal?

    Speaking from general experience (not specifically the Ford Credit website), this is a good bet. If the OP is able to access it in a private session in the same browser where it doesn't work otherwise, clearing cookies/cache is often the answer.
  7. dwst480

    I Got Another FREE 12 Months of Bluecruise!!

    Interesting. I just received my notice for renewal today (3-month trial expires in a few weeks), and I clicked through and it's showing the standard $800+tax. I'm not renewing if I actually have to pay that, but I'll be watching to see if the free trial is extended.
  8. dwst480

    Does anyone else find Fordpass pretty useless?

    In my experience, if I press and hold the button and then the button moves, I just keep my finger in the same place on the screen until I see that the start request has gone through and it still works.
  9. dwst480

    Power Up 6.x Poll

    Thanks. I'm still getting used to what all this terminology even means. 😆
  10. dwst480

    Power Up 6.x Poll

    Update: Just checked FordPass and it says I'm scheduled for 6.13.0. Straight from 6.3.0 apparently.
  11. dwst480

    Just got a new update after 6.13.0, doesn’t appear to have a version though

    Getting off-topic, but FWIW I have a 2023.5 and it doesn't have the dimple. I've also seen that thread, though, so I'm not sure who has them and who doesn't.
  12. dwst480

    BestEvMod has a Christmas gift for you! Christmas giveaway raffle!

    It's simply the coolest car I've ever owned. Never been a car guy, but I feel like I'm becoming one now.
  13. dwst480

    Power Up 6.x Poll

    I bought a 2023.5 on November 27. I'm not sure what it had to begin with, but it received 6.1.0 about a week ago, then 23-PU1103-NAT-VCE a few days later, and just yesterday it received 6.3.0.
  14. dwst480

    New incentives for Mach-E announced 💰

    I'm sorry, I would but I didn't take note of the URL and I can't seem to find it in my browser history. I think it was just a pop-up that appeared over the dealer's homepage. I filled out the form and received an email with my code. Dealer website was, but I don't...
  15. dwst480

    New incentives for Mach-E announced 💰

    So I just went to a local dealer's website and got this pop-up. Anyone else hear about this? Looks like an additional $1,000 for Mach-Es on top of the existing incentives. Is that how others read this?
  16. dwst480

    New incentives for Mach-E announced 💰

    I've been watching for the last few months and have decided to wait until December. I'm keeping my eye on 4 or 5 Mach-Es at various dealerships in my area that haven't sold in the last three months. Based on that as well as what I keep reading about sales being slow nationally, I can't imagine...
  17. dwst480

    New incentives for Mach-E announced 💰

    What are the chances Ford Credit brings back 0% financing like they were offering up until 10/2? Prices were too high for me before. Today I'm starting to see models near me with deep discounts but financing is back up to 7%. Hoping for the combo of low price and low/no interest!