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  1. luckie

    Mach-E gains Plug & Charge capability at EVgo

    EVgo expands Plug and Charge capabilities "US public charging network EVgo has announced an expansion of its Plug and Charge capabilities via its new Autocharge+ technology. Previously, owners of Plug and Charge capable GM EVs could utilize the feature on the EVgo network, but that opportunity...
  2. luckie

    Author the Ford Press Release we hope for?

    Regarding the HVBJB issue, perhaps we could write a press release for Ford, the one we would like to see? First rule: STAY FOCUSED on HVBJB, don't get side tracked on all the other issues like Frunk button and 5 sec limit and prior recalls for roof etc. Second rule: MAKE FORD SOUND GREAT, very...
  3. luckie

    Anyone get any OTA via Wifi? (in US)

    Has anyone with a Mach-E ever received an OTA via Wifi in the US? (If you believe you have what evidence suggests it was?). There's a rumor(?) that ALL OTAs so far have only been available via cellular and my own experience does not refute that.
  4. luckie

    CSP 21P22 = Recall 22S41 + OBCC & BCM? (FDRS question)

    I have a July 2021 Job 2 car for which I have an appt at the dealership tomorrow for FDRS updates (the recall & CSP 21P22). For those who use FDRS at home, tomorrow, at my dealership, if they first perform the official steps prescribed for CSP 21P22, once they have completed that they will have...
  5. luckie

    Will this easily jump start a dead Mach-E? 12v battery boost from NOCO

    Will the NOCO Boost X with 1250 amps work easily jump starting a dead Mach-E? I hear the NOCO booster Jump Starters are good and particularly for the Mach-E because they have the little manual override button which can first get you into the frunk via the wires in the front bumper, even though...
  6. luckie

    Mach-E shortcuts (please add more)

    While driving: RADIO/MUSIC: -Press SPEAK button on steering wheel, say "Play the Beatles" or "80s on 8" or "90s on 9", if recognized by car system, automatically audio turns ON, Sirius XM, Beatles/80s/90s channel CARPLAY: -Press and HOLD the SPEAK button on steering wheel, then SIRI will ask...