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  1. The Mach-E needs a REAL refresh!

    I would like see below are features for next Mach E 1. DC fast charging 10 to 80% in 30mins. 2.Heated rear seats 3. Ventilated front seats 4 . Auto dimming side view mirrors 5. Electronic steering adjustments 6. Ride comfort improvement Expect 3 and 6 , tesla model Y has these features and...
  2. Ford to Offer Complimentary Tesla Supercharger Adapter to Eligible Mach-E Owners (1/31/24 Update)

    Is this adapter works for both DC and level 2 as well ? need to carry another level 2 adaptor ?
  3. DIY How To Disable Seatbelt Chime

    Any luck for removing 8 times chimes ? its really annoying me.
  4. Just received OTA Power-Up 6.7.0 Update

    6.7.0 update open frunk from anywhere instead of Bluetooth range ?
  5. 【BestEvMod】Weekend Flash Giveaway Raffle. End on Monday 1/22 20:00 PDT Time

    2023 Premium ER AWD bought on 12/7/23
  6. FordPass 5.0 for Android EA

    Is it inside cabin temperature is showing in 5.0 app?