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  1. leehinde

    Easter Egg in Sketch app That manifested as a rose drawing, only accessible to those that know how to activate the secret function. If you drive a Ford with SYNC 4A (or have a friend with one), rapidly tap the tab on the top of the Sketch...
  2. leehinde

    New Charging Network, Ionna, has a press release.

    Interesting Ford isn't playing. IONNA is a joint venture of seven of the world's foremost automakers: BMW, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, and Stellantis.
  3. leehinde

    New Indoor Electrify America station The new station is located in the SoMa neighborhood near the Bay Bridge and features 20 DC fast chargers capable of delivering up to 350 kW of power, depending on which EV you’re...
  4. leehinde


    I have Travelers and it looks like my automotive insurance is going up by a third (150-200 a mos.). I have a call in to my agent to see what my options are with deductibles, etc. But I'm also looking at other companies. Does anyone like their insurance coverage with someone who is currently...
  5. leehinde

    Getting the dealers on board.

    Many of us have ideas on how to run a multi-billion dollar corporation. This is my entry. Car dealers are babbit-like troglodytes who haven't gotten on board with electric cars. Part of the reason, it's thought, is that BEVs don't require the same level of maintenance as ICE cars, so long term...
  6. leehinde

    Emporia Data Export

    I tripped across a data export feature in the Emporia App. I think a few of us have one. It exports data to a csv file and sends you a link so you can download it. I exported from the time I got the device (end of Feb., 2023) to now. The zip file had five files, with breakdowns by day, hour...
  7. leehinde

    Cover for Backup Camera

    Is there a third party mod that covers the backup camera from the rain? I'm not sure how it could be done, but I figure there's always someone smarter out there. I know the ID.4 had a homespun mod that someone came up with for that.
  8. leehinde

    Are updates logged anywhere anymore?

    Used to be that the updates were logged in the Message Center. I'm not seeing that with the updates that have come in, in the past month. Are they logged anywhere beyond the announcement about the most recent update?
  9. leehinde

    CyberTruck cultural review over at Road and Track [Locked due to Politics]

    Come for the REM quote and stay for the decline and fall of western civilization...
  10. leehinde

    Why I love Reddit.

    I've never met one of these Mustang aficionados. I was in line at In N Out and the guy taking the order said he didn't know Mustang made an SUV. I'm like, that's what you notice? Not that it's Electric? Any way.
  11. leehinde

    Upgrading stock stereo with better stock stereo.

    I have a CA Rt 1, which has the entry level stereo system. Acceptable compromise since I came of age listening to AM radio. (CKLW!). Now, 8 months in, I'm wondering if it's possible to get Ford to upgrade to the better stereo. Has anyone done that? Is the better stereo better?
  12. leehinde

    Weird GOM

    This morning when I got on the car I was 90% charge with a GOM range of 282 miles, or a full charge distance of about 313 miles. After going about 12 miles (suburban street driving - normal speeds.) the reported range was 230 miles at a 86% state of charge or a full charge distance of 267 miles...
  13. leehinde

    Mozilla Car Maker Privacy review TLDR: They all take all the data they can get and there's not much you can do about it: My favorite: Nissan earned its second-to-last spot for...
  14. leehinde

    [Off] Hope all our Hawaii participants are doing well after Dora.

    That's all. Edit...
  15. leehinde

    Is there a cap/cover for the backseat usb port outlet?

    I think the subject says it all.
  16. leehinde

    Alexa, give me directions to...

    I live just south of Sacramento. There's a local grocery store called Bel Air about two miles from my house. There's also a town in Southern California called Bel Air. I asked Alexa to give me directions to Bel Air.
  17. leehinde

    Porsche adds vehicle integration in CarPlay via their app "According to Porsche, car owners can use the combined My Porsche App and ‌CarPlay‌ feature to do things like change radio stations, control the in-car temperature, and adjust the lighting. The car model shows up through...
  18. leehinde

    Meanwhile in Sacramento

    I'm on the right. While I was at lunch the CA RT 1 on the left showed up. I like the "white". Not sure which version of the white it is.