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  1. Ford offer

    Got a 2021 Select and am on the 4 year Ford Option. Due to state rebate (MOR-EV) I need to keep for at least 3 years. My anniversary for the car is September 2024. I will either exercise Ford Option (48th pmt is 18K) or sell privately. My break even (if you will ) is 26K at the 3 year mark. All...
  2. Remember When?

    WOW! 50 MME's, not sure what is usually held in stock for ICE vehicles, but it seems like a lot.
  3. Remember When?

    It was not too long ago that it was almost impossible to find a Mach-e on a dealer lot, nevermind having to deal with additional dealer markups over MSRP equating to the thousands of dollars. A recent trip to Tasca Ford in Cranston, RI for some service showed how times have changed. Despite only...
  4. External Keypad Panel Delamination/Bubbles

    Ya, feels wierd having to go back to ICE vehicle.
  5. External Keypad Panel Delamination/Bubbles

    All covered under warranty I hope.
  6. External Keypad Panel Delamination/Bubbles

    Just an update. I was able to get the issue with the delaminated B-pillar panel logged at my last 30K mi checkup as I am told the 36K bumper-to-bumper will cover this. My preferred dealer is Tasca in RI and is worth the trip from MA. Once the part is in, I will have it installed and report here...
  7. Has anyone NOT received their extra FOB?

    Hi all, just wanted to provide an update on extra FOB. I was able to work with Tasca (thank you Amanda!) and my local Ford Field Service Engineer (thank you George!) to get the FOB and have it programmed at my last 30K mile checkup. Pretty much same FOB as original, except running horse is the...
  8. The EV Naysayers

  9. Has anyone NOT received their extra FOB?

    3yrs or 36000 miles I assume for warranty?
  10. Has anyone NOT received their extra FOB?

    I think the only thing that will help me out is that the invoice I have that shiws dealer ordered is before program deadline. Seems they have been waiting for the FOB for months. Things like this put a bad taste in peoples mouth. I dunno about everyone else but I am an EV fan and will be...
  11. Has anyone NOT received their extra FOB?

    sounds very familiar but they told me I need to work with Ford directly my next scheduled service is at the end of the year. day after Christmas actually.
  12. Has anyone NOT received their extra FOB?

    Hi all, just wondering if there are any others who processed CSP 22B10 ADDITIONAL REMOTE CONTROL AND KEY BLANK....and actually received it. Earlier in the year, I visited dealer (Tasca) for my 20K service. It also included CSP 22B28 REPROGRAM HVAC CONTROL MODULE and a multipoint inspection...
  13. Tax Credit Gone in 2024 for MME!!!

    Probably not a good time to remove incentives as EV adoption is not what it was was expected. Good news is that there have been some better numbers, but we are a ways away from mass adoption. There are too many unknowns. Geeks like us (present company included) spend lots of time trying to...
  14. After your current MME, What is your next EV?

    Kind of agree with other post here about owning an EV for daily and ICE for road tripping. I actually have 5 other ICE vehicles and use them when my wife is out with the MME. Working at home helps. The 220+ range of the MME is more than enough for the 65+ round trip when I do go into the...
  15. After your current MME, What is your next EV?

    I believe a plug in hybrid already exists, but the full electric is not scheduled until 2028, unless last week's news is incorrect. The Magneto concept is cool tho. With the latest EV landscape I might wonder if manufacturers scale back on EV development and producton a bit.
  16. After your current MME, What is your next EV?

    Agreed. If/when the Bronco goes EV it is a slam dunk. And that is coming from my wife who is the primary driver of the MME!
  17. After your current MME, What is your next EV?

    As a recipient of Massachusetts MOR-EV rebate, I am required to keep my Mach-E for 3 years. That will be Sept 2024. I plan to test drive as many EV's in spring/summer of 2024 as I can. I will be in year 3 of 4 with the Ford Option and will need about $26K to "break even" for last year and baloon...
  18. External Keypad Panel Delamination/Bubbles

    Something the dealer can do? I have a power up recall notice, 2nd FOB on order and 30K maintenance coming up, so may want to take care of all at once. Any code or procedure I can reference?
  19. External Keypad Panel Delamination/Bubbles

    Cool. I find myself using keypad as my wife has FOB and we are waiting on free 2nd one from dealer.