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  1. Kamuelaflyer

    Are all the other Job 2, 2021 GT's still stuck on Powerup 6.6?

    Lots of vehicles, including job 2 cars, are on hold at 6.6. The series of priority updates rolling out should resolve the issues found in 6.6 and higher.
  2. Kamuelaflyer

    FAQ & Tips -- Mach-E Access to Tesla Superchargers; NACS Adapter

    Thank you for posting this. @Ford Motor Company.
  3. Kamuelaflyer

    Coming soon: BlueCruise 1.3

    Which OTA update is your car on? There was an issue with at least 1 update that broke BC. That has been resolved and is starting to come out. Or us your issue related to a lapsed BlueCruise subscription that hasn’t been reinstated yet?
  4. Kamuelaflyer

    WARNING! This may be a trigger for some of you....

    Sadly, it’s attached to a blazer. ;)
  5. Kamuelaflyer

    Farley: NACS Adapter Testing

    Well at least it wasn't soon™. :p
  6. Kamuelaflyer

    Unintended acceleration and dealership will not acknowledge there is a problem

    Not all steering wheels are created equal. Some have more than a “simple” up down pivot.
  7. Kamuelaflyer


    Yes it is. if you want the AA/Carplay app to show up when using AA, you need to pony up for the subscription.
  8. Kamuelaflyer

    What changes have happened ‘under the hood’ since car was released?

    It’s gluten free now?!!?! That cinches it, new Mach-e on the way! :)
  9. Kamuelaflyer

    Complimentary Ford Pick Up & Delivery and Ford Mobile Service — Vehicle Service That Fits Your Life

    Service advisors don’t work for Ford. Your issue is with the dealer that employees them.
  10. Kamuelaflyer

    Supercharger Update

    Like a complete buffoon, I failed to order the optional 6,200 ft tall snorkel for those drives to Maui and then Oahu. They’re no longer available either thanks to the ongoing “chip shortage”. Thanks Ford! ;)
  11. Kamuelaflyer

    Supercharger Update

    Nope not at all. It’s not been released there either as far as I know. It I live in an area without Tesla Superchargers so I wouldn’t really care anyway.
  12. Kamuelaflyer

    Supercharger Update

    Agreeing to the terms is mandatory for staying in or joining the EAP. They’ve changed at least 3 times that I’m aware of. What people do after agreeing to the terms is up to them. The update sub question is not in general release.
  13. Kamuelaflyer

    Supercharger Update

    Whatever. You do you. I’ll abide by the nda.
  14. Kamuelaflyer

    We heard you - new dash design

    There are people with BC 1.4 and there are videos. The ipc is unchanged from the 6.8 update:
  15. Kamuelaflyer

    Supercharger Update

    What @hybrid2bev said plus it's beta software. Things happen, as we all have seen recently. There's no point in advertising a non-public update until it's been found to be a stable release.
  16. Kamuelaflyer

    We heard you - new dash design

    I am outraged. Outraged! No green? No deal! :P
  17. Kamuelaflyer

    Stop Safely Now (HVBJB): Mach-E Owners Biggest Fear - Facts and Info Thread

    I’m not sure which is worse, dealer doing a poor job in the HVBJB recall and/or poor/no communications or a Ford dealer that flat out refuses to do any safety recalls on a Mach-e they sold.
  18. Kamuelaflyer

    Looking forward to Tesla Supercharger Adaptor but....

    It does, thanks. I usually jump right into the map and those selections are somewhat different, and likely based upon the selection you made in the menus you were talking about. Thanks a bunch.
  19. Kamuelaflyer

    Looking forward to Tesla Supercharger Adaptor but....

    Website or app? The Tesla v3 (etc) option is t available on my app. It appears to be up to date. 🤷‍♂️