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  1. Logal727

    Ford Is Turning Mach-E Inventory Into Rental Cars

    The title is a bit clickbaity, this essentially makes it so dealers can use inventory for loaners and get paid for it, which is a good thing, hopefully getting an EV loaner will no longer be an issue...
  2. Logal727

    How easy is it to steal our headlights?

    Asking for a friend 😮
  3. Logal727

    New Port Orange/Daytona EA station now online

    This is a welcome add for this part of Daytona, for me especially since it’s very close to my mom’s house, but overall Daytona is great for DCFC! Target 1771 Dunlawton Ave, Port Orange, FL 32127, USA
  4. Logal727

    OEM mud flap broke off on Shark

    So the drivers side rear OEM mudflap on Shark took one for the team and broke off after it hit some road debris a couple days ago. It broke the plastic part that it attaches to on the underside of the car so I’m not sure best way to fix it, or reattach, anyone got any ideas or aftermarket...
  5. Logal727

    Daytona Buc-ee’s getting CCS?

    PlugShare Says Bucees in Daytona is getting 6 CCS plugs, anyone seen any progress there lately?
  6. Logal727

    Tesla Cybertruck Door Opening Mechanism Looks Oddly Familiar...

    Clipped at the pertinent part... seems like it doesn't have a heater for ice build-up like MME though? Overall features of the CT look really cool, I just don't understand why they had to do the design like they did, seems like it's the biggest thing holding it back and a very missed opportunity
  7. Logal727

    Mercedes-Benz opens its first 400kW EV charging station in the US

    Wow, these look so nice! More more more please!
  8. Logal727

    Buc-ee’s and Mercedes-Benz are partnering to add high-speed chargers

    This is pretty cool, seems like Buc-ee is giving up on their EA installs.
  9. Logal727

    How Long do EV Batteries Last? New Research Suggests It's Way Longer Than You Might Think

    Interesting results from Recurrent study:
  10. Logal727

    Pine Hills EVGo

    Whose bright idea was it to put an EVGo station in an impoverished crime ridden area? The score on PlugShare pretty much speaks for itself. I’ve never seen a newer EVGo station scored this low. Sun Plaza 6371 W Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32818, USA
  11. Logal727

    Tampa/Central Florida dealers for HVBJB recall recommendations

    I posted this on the regional forum but no one checks those threads but feel free to reply in this post:
  12. Logal727

    Best Dealer for new HVBJB recall in Tampa Bay Area?

    Anyone have a good experience getting HVBJB replaced in Tampa/St Pete area or even maybe Central Florida? With the new proactive replacement recall, I'd like to find one that has done it before. But I haven't seen a lot of failures in FL for some reason on the forum.
  13. Logal727

    Happy Frunk or Treat 2023!

    Shark had some victims this year! Happy Halloween!
  14. Logal727

    Just got Charge Assist (Non-EA!)

    Looks like it’s rolling out, no OTA
  15. Logal727

    iPhone 15 Pro Action button and Mach-E

    Would be cool if Ford natively supported shortcuts, it would be nice to remote start the car with the new action button in certain instances. I don’t wanna have to set up Homebridge again to do this, but I might just to get this going. Anyone got any other ideas for the button?
  16. Logal727

    Sync 4A Message: "Process Interrupted. Please try again. Avoid using your vehicle until the process completes."

    So the one time my wife drives my MME and she gets this message, I've literally never seen this before, doesn't look like an OTA is pending or trying to install either, which I saw someone else got when they were doing an inhibit update, but that's not the case here. (Also no judgement on the...
  17. Logal727

    New Ford Badge

    Wonder if this will come to MME in the one spot on under the glass, I'm guessing eventually..
  18. Logal727

    Hot single chargers in your area… 😂

    So I got this email from EVGO, I guess Danica at the Volusia Mall in Daytona really misses me and wants to hook up, literally
  19. Logal727

    Made my Mach-E mark on Apple Maps 👍

    So a little over a year ago I saw the Apple Maps vehicle driving down the road and gave it a thumbs up. This is for the “look around” feature of Apple Maps which isn’t everywhere yet, but is like Google streetview Anyways I recently checked to see if it was available here yet and look what I...
  20. Logal727

    New weird talent after driving MME for almost 2 years..

    I can let off the 1PD and have it stop exactly where I want it without hitting the brake pedal. Anyone else? If we get enough people, we can be like the Avengers with our awesome super powers. 😂