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  1. Hammered

    Extended Warranty (Ford ESP), worth it?

    The value proposition of the ESP doesn't make much sense as its pricing is the same as ICE while the vehicle's battery/powertrain warranty last significantly longer than of their ICE counterparts. You must also pay additional for LED lighting coverage which is poor plan construction on ford's...
  2. Hammered

    Cracked Brake Pad and Rotor Damage

    Can't emphasize enough that daily if possible or when as driven, the brakes should experience 1 solid engagement. What occurred here with the pad sticking to the rotor as corrosion took its course could have been prevented. Even with the most aggressive of regen being used, make a habit of...
  3. Hammered

    Eibach GT Pro-Kit Lowering Springs on a GTPE

    Have you played with changing the variables of the dampening system of the magneride? Each drive mode has its own profile. In the F150s w/ magneride some prefer to change out the 'normal' mode selection with sport mode's dampening profile to provide a firmer ride.
  4. Hammered

    Battery balancing service?

    5,000 mile suggested service interval for EVs.... - Rotate tires (reduces differential strain and maintains performance) - Replace blinker fluid with full hygroscopic synthetic fluid (alleviates moisture in headlights) - Clean thermal exchangers and cooling slats (may be impacting charge times)...
  5. Hammered

    So BC 1.4 has been in FDRS for over a week now?

    You're running with the latest control software, just missing the 'options' like lane change / and lane positioning.
  6. Hammered

    Ford to Offer Complimentary Tesla Supercharger Adapter to Eligible Mach-E Owners (1/31/24 Update)

    You seem to be missing the fact I didn't address them as a supplier at all. They're often out of their accessories on their site. I didn't address that at all. Your comment was to the 40k CT, which I pointed out they are supplying, just with a higher price. It's still very much $40-50k worth...
  7. Hammered

    Ford to Offer Complimentary Tesla Supercharger Adapter to Eligible Mach-E Owners (1/31/24 Update)

    Indeed, they've managed to consistently lower their cost of goods per vehicle through efficiencies and other simplifications.
  8. Hammered

    BlueCruise "not available for your vehicle"

    So you've got copilot assist 2.0 which is hands-on lane centering. It's essentially bluecruise, but doesn't have hands free mode.
  9. Hammered

    Ford to Offer Complimentary Tesla Supercharger Adapter to Eligible Mach-E Owners (1/31/24 Update)

    Well to be fair they're delivering a $40/50k vehicle, they've just raised the price substantially.
  10. Hammered

    20-30 years for EV transition?

    I haven't seen 47% yet. The best theoretical is 38%. Link?
  11. Hammered

    20-30 years for EV transition?

    They'll load balance where appropriate. Currently there wouldn't be demand for such load due to number of vehicles actually charging. Furthermore tesla builds out their own products, arguably the most reliable yet of all companies making these products. Today charging infrastructure, when...
  12. Hammered

    Mach-E cold weather kit: Who wants one?

    I mean, liquid diesel heater would really solve sooo many issues including cold battery range impact. 130k BTUs / per gallon.
  13. Hammered

    New 2022 GTPE Purchase - Software Updates by Dealer

    Yes. They won't update any software that's not part of a TSB/CSP type thing from ford. They don't get paid for it.
  14. Hammered

    20-30 years for EV transition?

    China has ~100 coal power plants currently under construction. I am not, nor have I ever been concerned about the AGW grift (outside of the hidden costs buried everywhere due to the $1tril+ that it's already redistributed in the economy). My decisions are made around the financials of it and...
  15. Hammered

    20-30 years for EV transition?

    I remember 2, decadal long conflicts in the immediate past which wasn't over resources at all. though it did cost several trillion $$. There's another one involving 3rd parties also getting 100s of billions funneled through it. Nam didn't have oil, nor did Bosnia. Any reason is a valid excuse...
  16. Hammered

    20-30 years for EV transition?

    Baby seals are the wagyu of the ICE. It's not the bears fault they're so tasty.