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  1. leeman

    21 GT with loose seat turned out to be.

    After a few times the dealer was able to reproduce the problem in the driver seat the left front corner kept lifting up didn't matter the seat position. It was more pronounced if the back of the seat was more it turns out that there was loose bolts and missing bolts. Also noted...
  2. leeman

    Ford E Sales Numbers

    Link In January, the Ford brand sold 145,632 vehicles in the U.S., about 3.6% more than a year ago. However, its battery-electric vehicles (BEV) sales noted a weak start to the year. Last month, Ford sold 4,674 all-electric...
  3. leeman

    Ford has huge inventory of Mach E

    I read another report yesterday that Ford motor company has been suffering from electrifying . It seems that there is now almost a years worth of inventory for the Mach E . This is sad news for folks that have paid high dollar amounts for their cars now that they have started to discount them I...
  4. leeman

    Latest review of EV's costs versus gas cars.

    Latest review of EV's costs versus gas cars.
  5. leeman

    Thinking of removing the rear hatch so I can put golf bags at back and uses a golf cart.

    The more and more I drive this vehicle the more and more I believe that is nothing more than an expensive golf cart it has the right of a golf cart it has the handling of a golf cart I don't know it's just becoming so boring I drive a Ford flex and it's more exciting to drive than the battery...
  6. leeman

    Deals to be had on the GT right now

    Was looking through my local dealer website and noticed that there are a lot of incentives now with the Mach E GT . In some cases is up to $5000 off
  7. leeman

    Personal observation in range anxiety along with a infrastructure failure.

    My wife and I had an interesting experience today with our mock E and it was a good test to see if battery powered vehicles really are something that is as easy as a gas powered vehicle to on in certain situations. Today we left the house with less than a full tank no pun intended anyways we...
  8. leeman

    GT entertainment system- how long it just reset itself

    Is anybody experienced while you're using the Ford entertainment system in your vehicle that it all of a sudden stops playing the station that you're on and decides to reset itself to seven default setting on the radio I don't know if this is the CarPlay issue or if this is something going on...
  9. leeman

    odd steering behavior

    I have the GT model and in whisper mode if I'm steering the vehicle from time to time the steering changes in stiffness when turning sometimes it's jerky and sometimes it even jerks a little bit or tries to jerk out of my hands when I'm driving just down the road normally doing light to moderate...
  10. leeman

    At start up weird behavior from entertainment system AM radio just suddenly starts blasting.

    Hey folks I've been having this weird behavior recently where the a.m radio decides to airplane when I start the vehicle generally I have a preset to a FM station but for some reason about every fifth time I start my car I get an a ham radio until I can turn my CarPlay music on this doesn't seem...
  11. leeman

    Navigation system automatically configuring a route for you

    Has anybody experienced where the Ford navigation system will automatically start a route for you that basically goes nowhere I've had this happen multiple times through multiple software updates nothing seems to have changed when I get in the car I turn it on and the navigation system will...
  12. leeman

    Automated rear seat nanny.

    I've turn off this automated rear seat nanny function but it still comes up on my screen as I exit the vehicle this is happened multiple times even though I have confirm that it's off it's still shows up at first it worked fine and wouldn't bug me every time I exited the vehicle now it pops up...
  13. leeman

    Headlights and automatic on off setting.

    Hey folks is anybody out there that has had an experience like I've had with the automated headlights if I leave it on the automatic setting from time to time I get a loud beeping every time I try to exit the car after I turn it off it takes a couple of times to turn the car on and off again to...
  14. leeman

    The 10 Slowest Selling Used Cars on the Market

    The 10 Slowest Selling Used Cars on the Market Tesla Model S: 88.3 (average days on market), $65,216 (average price) Buick Envision: 82.3, $29,057 Ford Mustang Mach-E: 75.8, $42,503 Land Rover Discovery Sport: 73.6, $30,206 Cadillac XT4: 71.9, $31,650 Tesla Model X: 71.4, $70,835 Land Rover...
  15. leeman

    AOSK aftermarket rear spoiler. Strange raised dots now showing on the top surface of the spoiler.@AOSK

    I purchased this aftermarket wing on the recommendations of the site through Amazon in February 2023 everything looked great now I'm noticing these bumps in the finish of the rear spoiler is anybody else seen this I've been trying to reach out to the manufacturer through the Amazon website...
  16. leeman

    Driver seat in mach E GT -

    I'm experiencing some strange behavior from the power seat on the driver side of my GT model year 2021. Over the last month how many seat all the way back and getting in and out of the car as well as driving the front left side lifts up from time to time as though there's something going on with...
  17. leeman

    I finally realized what my electric car is

    I finally realized what my electric car is
  18. leeman

    ICYMI: Mach-E Mobile Power Cord No Longer Included (Now $500 Option)

    Saw this today . Ford's electric Mustang Mach-E no longer comes with a power cord
  19. leeman

    Are EV's safe

    A man whose Tesla Model Y caught fire on a California highway says customer service asked him to haul the burned husk of his car to their service center man-whose-tesla-model-y-062222430.html
  20. leeman

    Changing Costs Up

    Irina Ivanova Mon, February 13, 2023 at 8:55 AM PST·3 min read Here's how much electricity prices have surged in parts of New England this winter: For some drivers of electric vehicles and hybrid cars, it's now more expensive to charge up than to fill up. Power rates across the region have...