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  1. ebeponyan

    4.3.6 Power-Up OTA Update

    2021 Job 1 in EA I just received this update and got all excited for 1.3 by the title, but it looks like just a redeployment of the original BC activation update. I haven't had a chance to activate hands-free and check for differences.
  2. ebeponyan

    2500mi Yakima Roof Box (and Toddler) Roadtrip Insights

    I want to preface by saying that the primary goal on this trip was to survive. Any data and subsequent analysis that comes out of this is going to be fraught with caveats and uncontrolled variables, but hopefully provides some context for the curious. Speaking of context, we're based in the...
  3. ebeponyan

    Washington Not Available

    Offer expired
  4. ebeponyan

    Rear Ambient Lighting Zone DIY

    This goes out to anyone interested in reviving the old preproduction dream without dismantling or rewiring their car (no disrespect to the brilliant work of @markboris, consider this a lazier alternative). You can build a Bluetooth configurable ambient lighting zone along the rear seats in about...
  5. ebeponyan

    2022 Subaru Solterra Revealed

    Subaru Solterra vs Mustang Mach-E Official reveal: AlexOnAutos first look: We'll have to wait for full specs, but Subaru are promising only 220 miles of range and 80% fast charge in under an hour. Pretty underwhelming in comparison to the...
  6. ebeponyan

    3600 Mile Roadtrip Review (12 Day, 7 State Trip)

    Greetings all. The Intense Morning Sun at Big Bend, Moab, UT My wife and I have just returned from an 12 day, 7 state, ~3600 mile bouldering blast through the American West in our Mach-E4X. This post will serve as a summary, and I'll follow up with subsequent entries around specific days...
  7. ebeponyan

    Blues Brothers?

    Nice to see another blue rider up here. What colors have you seen in the wild so far? Encountered a Grabber Blue FE at Alderwood Volta with Washington registration and a Colorado plate frame. That must have been quite a drive home.
  8. ebeponyan

    Seattle Canceled Order Available 7/29

    Just got an email that my (canceled) Premium AWD ER Infinite Blue order has been built. Delivery is estimated around 7/29-8/4 at Pierre Ford in Seattle. Hope to see you and that blue pony navigating I-5 traffic in August! 3FMTK3SUXMMA39072 Good luck, and may you have a better experience with...
  9. ebeponyan

    Restraints Control Module Fault

    Just got this warning light and a corresponding notification in FordPass. Has anyone else experienced this? I was hoping to go a full two weeks without needing service on a critical safety feature. Will post updates as this situation develops/is resolved.