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  1. SyNRG

    Power Up 6.x Poll

    just received this morning = 24-PU0119-DC-CHG4
  2. SyNRG

    FordPass Update 4.33.0 -- Tesla Supercharger locations added

    Yup received on 02/28 but was scheduled to update @ 1am on 02/29 (24-PU0102-CHG-SUFX)
  3. SyNRG

    Power Up 6.x Poll

    24-PU0102-CHG-SUFX scheduled to be installed tonight.
  4. SyNRG

    Power Up 6.x Poll

    24-PU0102-SVD-FX was received today, 02/22/24.
  5. SyNRG

    Ford drops price of Mach-e by up to $8100

    FYI - BYD ebuses are already in use around the Anaheim Resort area..... and a bus & coach manufacturing facility (that's unionized) here in Lancaster, CA:
  6. SyNRG

    Best snow vehicle ever

    Not Snocross, but Team O'Neil took one (stock Focus RS) out at their test facility against a STI.... Team O'Neil - 2016 Focus RS vs STI in the snow
  7. SyNRG

    Best snow vehicle ever

    Rod - as always looking good dear sir, especially in the snow and loving the positive motivational thread! 👍
  8. SyNRG

    Is this Ford's Upcoming 2nd Gen EV Platform

    Here's the LMC Star Concept from April 2022: Ref:
  9. SyNRG

    Power Up 6.x Poll

    12/18/23 - 2021 Select RWD (J2) received 6.7.0
  10. SyNRG

    Borla Active Performance Sound System Installed - Sound Clips

    Coyote or Predator......... id skip the LT2 and Hemi sounds.
  11. SyNRG

    Cybertruck review: Ouch!

    All I see is a door stopper............🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
  12. SyNRG

    Priority Update 23-PU0110-RAD-PS just dropped

    FYI - @Ford Motor Company, we just got this update on 8/19 and now every single time we go for a drive, the Sound settings (Treble, Bass, Midrange) will reset to default and Speed Volume always defaults to medium even though we turn it off.
  13. SyNRG

    That's not a Mustang

    Nice Mach 1, those FR500s?
  14. SyNRG

    That's not a Mustang

    Yup and if you popped off the steering wheel cap of a 64.5, the Falcon Sprint's steering wheel cap would be present! Read it here:
  15. SyNRG

    IR transmissivity of side and rear windows.

    The rear and hatch windows are listed as "tint" but really they're just privacy glass, no enhanced UV or IR protection.
  16. SyNRG

    Mach-E Rally Revealed! Available For Ordering Starting This Fall. [Updated With Goodwood Hill Run Video]

    I want that front bumper with the integrated fog/driving lights 😍 Loving the rally inspired wheels too! Would've been a nice gesture if this was dedicated to Ken Block, RIP #43!
  17. SyNRG

    Oversupply? Are EV’s struggling to sell?

    Agreed, thus BRING BACK THE WAGON! :)
  18. SyNRG

    Ford teases new Mustang Mach-E trim coming? Rally version?

    Except Ford is planning a road going version of the S650 GT3 racecar..... Spied - road going version of Mustang GT3....