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  1. Jimrpa

    Consumer Reports: Mach-E vs. Kia EV6

    Best example was the Eagle Talon / Mitsubishi Eclipse identical cars rolling down the same assembly line. Literally, the only difference was badging. CR thought the talon was a heaping pile of burning dog feces. At the same time, they couldn’t sing the praises of the Evlipse loudly enough 🙄
  2. Jimrpa

    Prices compared for charging at Supercharger (between Tesla and non-Teslas) - by JerryRigEverything

    Great video. Informative and to the point. The dude who makes those long, rambling videos should watch this or Mach-E Vlog for tips on how to make concise, informative videos.
  3. Jimrpa

    Car won’t start. Locked out. Making loud banging noise

    Let’s be fair - this was over the weekend. I think @Ford Motor Company is only on this site during business hours. Remember, ford does have an 800 number for roadside assistance.
  4. Jimrpa

    Supercharger Update

    I wasn't going to get quite that technical 😀 Delta Diamond Medallions and 360s are, as a lot, much more entitled. To them, "gate lice" are any passengers in the gate area or jetway, who aren't actively performing a service for them and/or are impeding their progress to their perches at the...
  5. Jimrpa

    Supercharger Update

    Well, as long as he keeps it in his own home - I don't care 😀
  6. Jimrpa

    Supercharger Update

    $50 an hour? To park at a grocery store? That's freaking insane. You need to find another grocery store!
  7. Jimrpa

    Supercharger Update

    "Charger lice"? Seriously? So, in the frequent flyer community, for years there's been the term "gate lice". It's mostly used by extremely pretentious, self-centered, (pick-your-bodily-orfice), who seem to believe that airlines exist only for their personal conveyance, and the conveyance of...
  8. Jimrpa

    Supercharger Update

    Your Whole Foods validates parking? What's that about?
  9. Jimrpa

    Supercharger Update

    Ah, got it. All Chevy Bolt drivers are slovenly stoners. Well, you'll be glad to know that unicorns exist - one of my neighbors owns a Chevy Bolt and he's neither slovenly nor a stoner. I can't speak to what his charging habit is.
  10. Jimrpa

    Supercharger Update

    😀😀😀 This is the funniest post I've seen today. Try searching for "Soon™️" 😀😀😀
  11. Jimrpa

    Supercharger Update

    Why don't you just tell people you're a famous YouTuber and have a European manufacturer block off an entire charging station for your personal use? 😀
  12. Jimrpa

    Supercharger Update

    Why do people have such animosity towards bolts? People talk of bolts as if they're the spawn of satan or something?
  13. Jimrpa

    Change power window lock to also lock passenger door window? Can this be done... to save my dog from being guillotined

    I don't want to get morbid here, but unrestrained, uncontained family members of any size just become meat-and-bone missiles in an accident, usually to their great detriment, and to the detriment of anyone else in the vehicle. I can't tell you how sad I get when I see drivers who have their...
  14. Jimrpa

    What about China? Support or Shun?

    I wanted to change my vote to "No", but I can't. There's just too much evidence of extensive Chinese government meddling in all sorts of connected (and non-connected) things.
  15. Jimrpa

    predictive routing

    To be honest, I use both Active Park Assist and the Hands-free liftgate much more frequently than I’ve ever used predictive routing. Im not sure how Ford decides which features to decontent 🤷‍♂️
  16. Jimrpa

    Where do you keep your adapters, a poll

    In the trunk, under the floor, next to the mobile charger. The existing TeslaTap will likely get “kicked to the curb” if there’s not space for it and the new adapter. Caveat: when traveling, it will move to an easily accessible location - probably the cubby on the side in the trunk, or one of...
  17. Jimrpa

    I know I should be able to find this information

    Something seems odd. If you’re still in the 3 year/36K (?) warranty, there should not be an issue with technical help from Ford. Did you initiate, or ask to initiate a lemon law return? Perhaps that’s why Ford stopped technical support?
  18. Jimrpa

    EVglass Double-Pane Panoroof add-on now available for cold climates

    Thank you! And your bunny rabbit English is perfect! 😉 I withdraw my earlier criticism. I don’t live in a super-cold climate, so I’ve never noticed any drafts. We do have hot summers and the cabin is always noticeably cooler than the cabin on my escape was.
  19. Jimrpa

    I know I should be able to find this information

    I’ve never heard of a “presumption period”. Is your vehicle still in warranty?
  20. Jimrpa

    Is there anyone also buy A2Z as early access when ordered Ford One

    Why are you spending 30-50 minutes figuring out charging? Just use the in-vehicle nav.