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    Sounds like your vehicle received and installed the update, but you haven't noticed yet. Go for a drive and check the software updates screen, or look in your FordPass app.
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    "Ford Options" Mach-E Lease vs standard lease - similarities and differences

    I was finally able to reach a credit analyst at Ford Credit who could reschedule my lump sum balloon amount. This happened today, just 5 days away from month 36's payment due date. I made at least 12 calls to Ford Credit since early January. :( If I'd know that up front, I probably would've just...
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    Good Bye Mach-E

    I hope your Audi experience is way better. Enjoy your new wheels!
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    FAQ & Tips -- Mach-E Access to Tesla Superchargers; NACS Adapter

    @elmedico27 -- Thank you for your amazing work with the GitHub project!
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    Anyone else having problems with Ford Credit and the balloon payment at the end of Ford Options?

    My balloon is $20,855. It's due in one week. I think the used price for my car is currently higher than that, though I haven't checked. That said, I benefit from the significant annual AZ VLT discount that I'd lose as soon as any change is made to the registration. (This discount no longer...
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    You want an inexpensive EV? 😁

    I think it looks really cool, and if I were living in a Sun City it'd be perfect.
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    Anyone else having problems with Ford Credit and the balloon payment at the end of Ford Options?

    I've been having a miserable time trying to get Ford Credit to respond to my request to refinance the final payment. I've made at least four or five calls to them for this so far since January. Final payment is due March 5... On the most recent call, the agent suggested I delay my bill pay...
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    Ford is extending BlueOval™ Charge Network access – with no annual fee

    You need those any time your Mach-E's in the shop, like right now. 🤣 Unless your dealer is better than mine, and offers you an EV loaner or rental.
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    Ford is extending BlueOval™ Charge Network access – with no annual fee

    You can add or update your credit cards with Ford here: Sign in with the same email address you used while signing into FordPass. Then if you activate Ford's Blue Oval Charge Network (and you may as well, it's free) you can go ahead and charge at any...
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    Ford is extending BlueOval™ Charge Network access – with no annual fee

    Not really worth the effort for such minimal usage... You can pay at the pump at EA. If you use one of the other brands that are part of Ford's network, then you can sign up for their apps when you plan your trip or when you arrive at the pump. Some allow paying at the pump with a credit card...
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    Farley's Comments On Where Ford is On EVs

    I know you're making a joke about the name and perhaps you're already aware, but the Fiestas built for the Americas were assembled at the Cuautitlán plant, precisely the same place currently assembling the Mustang Mach-E. European Fiesta assembly was in Cologne, Germany. My previous vehicle...
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    Ford skunkworks team in southern California working on future generation of low cost EVs

    Interesting discussion during this week's Autonocast. (Great podcast in general, btw.) Kirsten Korosec leads the discussion which builds on her TechCrunch piece, where they uncovered some new details on the skunkworks team that Ford CEO Jim Farley mentioned a few weeks ago in an earnings call...
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    Ford to Offer Complimentary Tesla Supercharger Adapter to Eligible Mach-E Owners (1/31/24 Update)

    True. Plus, the merchandise site seems like it's run by a third party promotional company, and the accessories site blocks sales to AZ, OK, and VT addresses.
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    Ford connected charger network down

    The blue light is still functioning as usual on my FCCS. It is charging my vehicle as I type this. It's still functional for me through FordPass, too. The only thing that seems amiss is some charge events that weren't recorded on the last several Wednesdays. I'm fairly sure I charged the car...
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    BlueCruise mapping

    I dunno, seems like every 6 months or so, roughly. Ford updates it and this happens silently. You'd need to frequently check the About SYNC page for changes to the hands free driving data identifier.
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    Amp input setting

    If you had to turn down amperage on the Autel EVSE to get it to work, this indicates it isn't functioning properly, or the car isn't performing as it should. The vehicle shouldn't refuse to charge when plugged into a high-amp capable EVSE, because the vehicle controls the actual amps drawn and...
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    Easter Egg in Sketch app

    Tap the Sketch button repeatedly.
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    How to Escape Your Car If the Electronic Door Release Fails ???

    This is the exactly the kind of thread headline I expect from @macgyver60. Thank you for this brief escape from my sedentary life.
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    New Owner

    Walk away lock that @shelnian mentioned is probably your best bet. If it's dark outside, then when you lock via the door pad, you may look for the headlights to flash for confirmation. If it's very quiet when you lock the doors, then you may hear the lock cylinders slide. They are pretty darn...