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  1. leeman

    FAQ & Tips -- Mach-E Access to Tesla Superchargers; NACS Adapter

    Update seems to be available for my 21 MMEGT running it now.
  2. leeman

    FordPass Update 4.33.0 -- Tesla Supercharger locations added

    My FordPass app shoes all the Tesla locations in my area stating adapter needed so hopefully once the adapter shows up I'll be good to go and boy is there a lot more Tesla chargers available in my area than any other service what a godsend
  3. leeman

    FAQ & Tips -- Mach-E Access to Tesla Superchargers; NACS Adapter

    Although I was able to order I never received an email stating my order was complete nor did I receive any information on what number I received I got on the phone to make sure that my order actually went through this morning and they actually gave me an order number but that's all they could...
  4. leeman

    FAQ & Tips -- Mach-E Access to Tesla Superchargers; NACS Adapter

    I went to the site to order mine and it said that I was put in the queue but I received no information on whether or not it actually was ordered and I'm trying to reach somebody at four to clarify this but nobody's picking up the chat service the website seems to be working kind of strange and I...
  5. leeman

    NACS Adapter Now Available + Ford EV Owners Can Now Charge on Tesla Superchargers in U.S., Canada! 🙌

    Order process was very easy and simple hopefully we will receive the adapters quickly.
  6. leeman

    What does the button on the camera housing do?

    It's a button that converts the car into a gasoline powered vehicle or so I've been told.
  7. leeman

    Coming soon: BlueCruise 1.3

    I really like to drive my car and I just don't see the point of these things I don't wanna do pancake patty cake bakers man while I drive down the road fast as I can. I truly believe that there is a list of things that need to be addressed before any type of self driving functionality. But that...
  8. leeman

    Farley: NACS Adapter Testing

    That verbiage has been used since the days of IBM when they would always talk about this product would be available soon he keeps you on the hook but shows no commitment.
  9. leeman

    Ford Slashes 2023 Mach-E Pricing For All Trims, Up to $8K on Certain Models

    WOW - hopefully that will help him get through some of the inventory.
  10. leeman

    21 GT with loose seat turned out to be.

    After a few times the dealer was able to reproduce the problem in the driver seat the left front corner kept lifting up didn't matter the seat position. It was more pronounced if the back of the seat was more it turns out that there was loose bolts and missing bolts. Also noted...
  11. leeman

    Latest Software Version?

    Mine just updated to 6.4.0 and there's another update waiting to be installed as of today it is a 21 GT
  12. leeman

    2024 Mach-E GT in Eruption Green with Bronze Package -- first live photos!

    Wow that is really sharp looking the wheels are awesome and the front door mat is nice too damn and never thought I'd like green but this looks really good
  13. leeman

    Driver seat in mach E GT -

    Update on my seat issue it turns out that the seat was in fact loose the bolts were missing. From the original installation from what we can tell and also both were loose so the dealership ordered a new seat bracket unfortunately the bracket was supposed to come with new bolts and it didn't...
  14. leeman

    Ford E Sales Numbers

    Link In January, the Ford brand sold 145,632 vehicles in the U.S., about 3.6% more than a year ago. However, its battery-electric vehicles (BEV) sales noted a weak start to the year. Last month, Ford sold 4,674 all-electric...
  15. leeman

    Boycotting 6.8

    Well it's a sad state of affairs they tried so hard and by the time they get caught up somebody decides to turn things off and make it sad again my thought is they're probably going to be shutting down a lot of the version of Ford and reducing their output greatly there's like a years worth of...
  16. leeman

    3 Common Mistakes That May Harm Your EV Battery - Engineering Explained

    I guess you have to do a tremendous amount of brain maintenance in order to make sure that you're paying attention to all the different things that affect performance of the vehicle. You would think that a manufacture the vehicle would build in systems to make sure that the battery is constantly...
  17. leeman

    Ford has huge inventory of Mach E

    I read another report yesterday that Ford motor company has been suffering from electrifying . It seems that there is now almost a years worth of inventory for the Mach E . This is sad news for folks that have paid high dollar amounts for their cars now that they have started to discount them I...
  18. leeman

    Noise Level of Battery Cooling Pumps

    Very Load indeed