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  1. Mach-Lee

    Plug and Charge wont Enable

    It takes a while to generate and download the certificate to your car, just try later.
  2. Mach-Lee

    First Mach-E road trip using Superchargers and NACS!

    Scraping the front splitter on the curb trying to pull up far enough could be an issue. I was worried about that when I was using some Magic Dock sites. Sometimes there are obstacles sticking up like that electrical junction box you had to stop for. If you don't have a front camera you should...
  3. Mach-Lee


    There is some other stuff that has to happen before it shows up, not just the OTA. Make sure your FordPass app is updated too.
  4. Mach-Lee

    My PaaK saga

    When you do a master reset, it can take up to a week for the servers to reset your services. So I suggest you stop clearing or resetting things for a week and try again later.
  5. Mach-Lee

    Recall 23S56 - HVBJB Replacement / Powertrain Software Update

    If you check your VIN again, is the service action still listed or not? If you had it replaced already then you may not qualify for the recall after they excluded VINs that were already repaired.
  6. Mach-Lee

    Has anyone opened the Ford/Tesla NACS adapter yet?

    Do NOT stick an AirTag in there! If that somehow comes loose and shorts the two DC bars together, BOOM! You could destroy your battery pack or burn your car to the ground. Really dumb idea IMO. Say somebody steals it and you track it, what are you going to do? Waste your battery chasing them...
  7. Mach-Lee

    Mach-E February 2024 Results: 2,930 Sales (64% YoY Increase!) / 2,315 Produced

    I think so, for the Model e certified dealers (maybe just elite?). They are supposed to be able to arrange demo drives for potential customers.
  8. Mach-Lee

    Recall 23S56 - HVBJB Replacement / Powertrain Software Update

    They all use the same contactors, so they do draw from the same part source. And there are way more Premiums and Selects than GTs which puts a lot more pressure on the supply chain. The HVBJBs are probably made in the same factory, so the labor allocation would also be a factor. I'm sure Ford...
  9. Mach-Lee

    12V Battery FAQ

    Yes, but remote start only lasts 15 minutes so it's of limited use. You really want the car on for at least 30 minutes continuously to be helpful.
  10. Mach-Lee

    12V Battery FAQ

    The difference between those two is whether or not the control pilot is switched off. Ideally the pilot should stay on and the car should say "Charging paused" the whole time it's plugged in. If it says "Plugged in not charging" the EVSE may no longer be operating in a J1772 compliant mode which...
  11. Mach-Lee

    Finally personally saw the difference between battery preconditioning and no battery preconditioning

    The phone needs to tell the car it's navigating to a DC charger for preconditioning to work. Apple doesn't allow the destination type to be shared. So nothing can be done until Apple decides it can share that.
  12. Mach-Lee

    URGENT: plug stuck at fast charger

    Great, glad the screwdriver worked. Yes, you should have the charge port and lock mechanism inspected. Please see this article for what to look for, make sure the pin is retracted and okay...
  13. Mach-Lee

    12V Battery FAQ

    Are you 100% SURE you didn't enter your Ford password anywhere? It can be confusing because the window to log in looks legitimate with a Ford logo. The EVSE cannot communicate with the car to get the battery status. It can only tell the car if the charger is available or not. It possible if the...
  14. Mach-Lee

    URGENT: plug stuck at fast charger

    Bummer. It does sound like the problem is the latch not releasing. So you might need someone to get in there with a long flat screwdriver and a flashlight to try to lift the latch up and over the catch.
  15. Mach-Lee

    Car won’t start. Locked out. Making loud banging noise

    At least day or two, haven't tried longer than that.
  16. Mach-Lee

    Car won’t start. Locked out. Making loud banging noise

    Door modules have their own backup power and will open after two button presses if the vehicle state was last unlocked.
  17. Mach-Lee

    24-PU0102-SVD-FX - failed 3 times - Active FDRS account holder willing to look up the issue

    It was the GWM update, you had an Update Manifest Parse Failure. The OTA was cancelled by Ford and will try again. To fix the issue, you can try disconnecting the 12V battery for a few minutes to reset the modules. If that still doesn't work, then you will need a manual update from FDRS to fix it.
  18. Mach-Lee

    Transmission fluid pump stalled; 88mph speed cap

    Yes, that's a serious thing and you should avoid driving it before you get sudden total failure on the highway. Your rear motor is probably toast already. See this:
  19. Mach-Lee

    URGENT: plug stuck at fast charger

    OK, did you pull firmly on the release cable in the frunk? Don't yank it, pull with firm pressure for like 5 seconds. Also, when you press down the release latch on the handle, does the button press down all the way? Try pressing down the latch on another cable for comparison. Make sure the...