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  1. JPT

    Rear Air Vent works???

    I had for the first time passengers in my 2023 MME GT and we noticed no matter what we did with the climate control you could not get air to come out of the rear seat air vents. There doesn't appear to be any control of it. Of course this happens when its only 15 degrees out! Anybody else...
  2. JPT

    Iowa Condo Charging

    Hello fellow members. I live in a 10 story condo and many of us have electric cars. I am looking for charging options where any EV can charge but still have to have an app and pay for their own power. Not for public use. I have looked at ChargePoint so far. Any other suggestions?
  3. JPT

    Phone Charger Heat

    Anyone else out there notice the phone charger also cooks your phone? I can't leave mine on for long periods because it heats it up to the point the screen is too hot.
  4. JPT

    Des Moines Iowa >> to Seattle >> and Back

    Left Des Moines, Iowa to Seattle, down pacific coast, Olympic and Hoh rainforest national park, up the Columbia River, thru Sawtooth Mountains, down thru Flaming Gorge and Dinosaur National Park, thru Colorado and the dredded, Nebraska and home to Des Moines. 4652+- miles, 2.8 miles/kwh and over...
  5. JPT

    Charging Limit

    Hi Mech-e Gang, my first post. Just bought a 2023 Mach-e and took it on my first trip. Things went great learning about the car, the drive and the fun. I now have all the charging and charger locator apps I never knew I had to have. It's quite a few to my surprise. Two noticable things I...