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  1. alexgorod

    My turn to get the stuck frunk

    It finally happened :( The frunk didn't lock, and now I can't neither open nor close it. So I need to go to the dealer - it's about 3 miles away, and the question is - will the car go with unlocked frunk? It popped the message requesting to close the frunk, but will it allow to drive? To make...
  2. alexgorod

    Small screen restarted several times

    It happened today while driving and using Waze (via Android Auto) navigation. After about 20 minutes of driving, the small screen turned black, then showed the battery percentage bar, the way it does when the car gets started, proceeded but didn't come to the point to show the speed and the rest...
  3. alexgorod

    Can the Car Scanner show when the brake lights are on?

    I am trying to use this OBD-II adapter with the Car Scanner app and got almost everything that I want for now, but I can't find out if it can detect when the brake light gets illuminated. There is a "brake light switch", but it only works when the brake pedal is used. Anyone?
  4. alexgorod

    First scar from hit-and-run

    At least my pride was damaged more than my car... And my pride will heal... from dash cam
  5. alexgorod

    Vehicle In Motion (new FordPass bug)

    Is it really that hard to detect that car is not in motion but actually not on and probably in deep sleep? Is it hard to add a button to close this stupid message, as it was in a previous version? Maybe to turn this message off I actually need to go and drive? Yes, I always look for a reason...
  6. alexgorod

    While Elon sells, Bill buys Bill Ford could have sold automaker stock for $18M. He paid $20M to keep it instead.
  7. alexgorod

    Thread for people who used to be grumpy but have gotten their Mach-E's and happy now

    I think we need to have a thread for happy new Mach-E owners, mostly (but not limited to) the ones that were very upset with the long and unpredicted wait time and became very grumpy in the process. But all these grumpy people shared their pain and frustration, supported each other, and became...
  8. alexgorod

    Extended warranty worth buying?

    I used to buy them, for peace of mind, then decided that I can have it (peace of mind) without spending extra money. But with this first-year, new technology vehicle, and after reading this forum for a while, I am not so sure. I don't even know how much it costs or what and for how long it...
  9. alexgorod

    Ford Mustang Mach-E Meets Its Toughest Critic

    "Ford Mustang Mach-E Meets Its Toughest Critic |"
  10. alexgorod

    Michigan OEM Michelin tires for sale

    I am planning to replace the OEM Michelin Primacy 225/55R19 on my MME Premium when I am getting it delivered in the end of October. TireRack has the set of them for $976, I don't know what market price for low-mileage take-offs is, but I am ready to offer them for half price if you are...
  11. alexgorod

    Order waiting time

    When I ordered in mid-June, the site indicated 24+ week wait time, so I was planning to wait until December, and maybe even get 2022 model. But I guess I pulled a lucky number and my car is already in the train coming from Mexico, so if everything goes as it should, I will get it before November...
  12. alexgorod

    Mach-E Proves It's A Real Mustang By Spectacularly Failing Moose Test and another one: Tires?
  13. alexgorod

    Using Mach-E for long trips

    By long trips I mean the ones that require one or multiple charging stops on the road. When I ordered my Mach-E three months ago I decided that it requires too much planning and too much lost time to use an electric car for any trip that requires recharging stops on the way, so I only planned...