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  1. benk016

    Action meeded to stay in Early Access for current users

    I know this has been posted in the past, but there was new terms and conditions that need to be accepted to stay in the Early Access program. I only knew about this because of seeing it on here, as I never got the email instructing me to do it, and I am just going to guess I wasn't the only...
  2. benk016

    The day has finally come.... Service Vehicle Soon

    I have a group of people I keep in contact with outside of this forum that all have Mach E GT's. One by one they have all had this issue, and last night I was the last one of the group to have it happen. Just based on what I've seen with those cars, I knew mine would go at any time. Last night...
  3. benk016

    My 2021 Mach-E received 91 kWh upgrade (useable at 100% SoC)

    I am unsure of exactly which update unlocked it, but after applying all updates in FDRS, my car now has 91kwh useable at 100% SoC. I did reach out to a contact at Ford and got permission to share that yes the car does in fact have 91kwh useable now. However, the extra 3kwh has been added as a...
  4. benk016

    [OTA] Power-Up 2.8.3 for 2021 Job 2 cars

    2021 Job 2 cars finally getting a Sync update. Refer to other 2.8.3 OTA threads for more info on the contents of this update.
  5. benk016

    Intelligent Range now being enabled on Early Access Program Mach-E

    This feature is being enabled on some Early Access cars starting today. Feature is a server side feature so no update needed to enable. We'll see how this helps with the GOM.
  6. benk016

    TSB 22-2141 Wireless Accessory Charger Inoperative/Poor Performance

    Wireless Accessory Charger Inoperative/Poor Performance - Built On Or After 30-Sep-2021 Issue: Some 2021-2022 Mustang Mach-E vehicles built on or after 30-Sep-2021 may exhibit the wireless charger inoperative or poor performance when using an some Apple™ iPhone 12 and 13 models that use MagSafe...
  7. benk016

    Electrify America Expands per kWh pricing to 5 more states
  8. benk016

    Optional Product Improvement Program 21G01 - BlueCruise Programming

    Along with the email that went out to stuck 1.7.1 users to tell them the dealer can install the BC updates, 21G01 has dropped to detail the requirements and process for this update. REASON FOR THIS COMMUNICATION To inform you that Ford Motor Company is notifying vehicle owners of an optional...
  9. benk016

    Electrify America De-Rating chargers

    Just thought I'd make a thread on this since it can affect a lot of people. @OutofSpecKyle Was talking about this last week on InsideEV's podcast and on the EQS charging video. Electrify America currently has limited A lot of 350kw stations to 350amp when they are normally rated for a max...
  10. benk016

    Offering FDRS updates in the Tulsa OK area

    I recently got the full setup to apply updates with FDRS. If anyone in the area would rather get your updates done this way instead of trying to get in with a dealer just let me know, I'd be glad to help out.
  11. benk016

    {OTA} BlueCruise Map Update for Job 2 Cars - Deployment Starting

    OTA is going out currently to Job 2 cars with BlueCrusie. This is the Map Update that was promised in the Email that was sent out. Rollout is starting with Early Access as usual. Release Notes: The Ford BlueCruise map in your vehicle has been updated so you can continue taking advantage of...
  12. benk016

    Oklahoma {Sold} 2021 First Edition For Sale at Dealer

    My dealer finally has my First Edition that I traded in a few months back up for sale. If anyone is looking for A MME, and close by, here you go. This car has had Full Front XPEL PPF, and 9 year Crystal Serum Ultra Ceramic Coating. (At least it did when I traded it in, hopefully they didn't...
  13. benk016

    Have you Received OTA 2.3.0?

    Please update this Poll when your car receives this update
  14. benk016

    New ABRP Feature : Live Data via OBD

    I just wanted to take a moment to share some news of a new ABRP feature that is being launched right now. ABRP now has the ability to use a Bluetooth Low Energy OBD2 dongle to read live data from your car directly to improve route planning. I have been working with the team to get this working...
  15. benk016

    Have you received 2.1.0 OTA?

    Please update this Poll when your car receives this update
  16. benk016

    Spotted: Ford Streaming coming as new feature?

    I just logged into my vehicle dashboard, and noticed the connected services link has updated. It now mentions you can manage Ford Streaming from there. Once you go to the link there is no mention of it, but maybe this is something new coming? So far, this is what I've been able to find out...
  17. benk016

    Brought home my Mach-E GT Yesterday and traded in a First Edition

    Sorry for the long post. Just feels like my full MME story is finally complete and wanted to share. Unlike a lot of you on here, I was late to the MME game. 2019 wasn't a great year for me, so I wasn't looking at any vehicle purchases at the time. But 2020 was better, despite covid, and I...
  18. benk016

    1.7.1 Poll

    Since this has been coming up a lot, I was curious to collect some data on the OTA rollout. I would like to see if you have gotten the update or not, and which, if any beta programs your car may be enrolled in. Early Access is the program that can be found at The OTA...
  19. benk016

    [OTA] 1.7.1 Appears to be incoming

    1.7.1 was successfully downloaded. APIM update only. No other modules have been touched it appears. 7.88gb. Wifi NOT required for this update. Date/Time Duration Down Up 09/29/2021 3:24 pm 1h 19m 55s 7.88 GB 105 MB Sound settings are now loading with my profile on startup as expected...
  20. benk016

    Horribly inaccurate Mach E article