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  1. Mopey

    Availability of NACS Adapter

    So, in the end, it appears you preferred the A2Z slide-type locking switch to the Ford\Tesla locking switch, yes?
  2. Mopey

    A2z fast charger

    I have the A2Z adapter. Actually, you slide the switch at the bottom forward to unlatch and slide it back to latch. From the manual: Latch Description:
  3. Mopey

    Coolant heater power

    I wonder if you can simply replace the smaller heater with the larger one, or if there are other necessary changes needed. The heater's performance in extreme cold is one of my few complaints about the Mach E. My Lightning has a larger heater and has better severe cold weather interior heater...
  4. Mopey

    Two-Year "Review": 33,500 miles, 24 months, Dozens of Road Trips...

    I definitely agree with the 110v outlet. Every EV should have the ability to provide emergency power - even if only 20A. Ford, at least make it an option.
  5. Mopey

    2022 cyber orange stolen from my driveway (FOUND) [⚠️ ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Does no one use " The Club" anymore?,automotive,237&ref=nb_sb_ss_ts-doa-p_1_7 An airtag just helps you find your feces filled car after it's been stolen.
  6. Mopey

    Mach-E cold weather kit: Who wants one?

    I've posted these photos previously. They show just how much heat radiates off a Mach E battery when parked and plugged in to an EVSE. My car was parked at the office for two weeks over Christmas. I did have a departure time set to coincide with the return flight. It built up a substantial...
  7. Mopey

    Mach-E cold weather kit: Who wants one?

    Yes, I've used those type heaters for prewarming my ICE vehicle cabin here, but without a 120v outlet in the cabin (like the Lightning has) this won't help while driving.
  8. Mopey

    Mach-E cold weather kit: Who wants one?

    I frequently drive in the UK and find the heated windscreens to be an outstanding feature. I can only guess that they are not installed on US cars has to do with the North American insurance lobby that doesn't want to deal with the added cost of replacing them. I don't recall - does the heated...
  9. Mopey

    Mach-E cold weather kit: Who wants one?

    Also, the Cold Weather option\kit should include: Installed coolant should be spec'd to -50 or -60F, not the standard -30 Install a heated windshield like most modern European vehicles have Have a Sync button to initiate manual battery preconditioning Offer a '3 Peak' rated winter tire option...
  10. Mopey

    The dreaded turtle icon!

    I had to wait months for an appointment, but was able to clear my turtle alert and restore full power when I accidently cleared the DTC code while using Forscan. The alert came back after a month or so. The second time I just left the alert and drove the car when needed (not often since there...
  11. Mopey

    Thieves Target EV Charging Cables [LOCKED DUE TO POLITICS]

    Inevitable. Wait until they realize how much easier it is to steal portable EVSEs.
  12. Mopey

    Stolen out of my locked garage

    There's crime in Canada?
  13. Mopey

    Heated windshield for wipers not working

    Does it require defrost on Hi or does it come on when the rear window and side mirror heat is selected? If the wiper heat doesn't come on with the latter, Ford should make that change to their software.
  14. Mopey

    DC Fast Charging at -30F with a cold-soaked battery temp of -6F. Real Observed Results.

    As I recall, you do need the Pro version to build displays like I did, but I'm not certain. I remember upgrading to the Pro version was cheap, though. There are a number of different types of Carlinkit devices. (The Carlinkit devices essentially subsitute for a cell phone.) I already have my...
  15. Mopey

    DC Fast Charging at -30F with a cold-soaked battery temp of -6F. Real Observed Results.

    I'm using Car Scanner Pro ELM OB2 app (v1.102.7) installed on a standalone Carplay Device (CarlinKit 3). The CarlinkKit device is connected to the vehicle thru the USB port. Data is being feed to the Car Scanner App with a Viecar OBII ELM327 dongle thru the OBD port on the Mach E. I don't use...
  16. Mopey

    DC Fast Charging at -30F with a cold-soaked battery temp of -6F. Real Observed Results.

    Those tests are from over a year ago, so I was using an older software version. I have since rebuilt my screens to present the data in a more useful manner. This was worse case test, so I left the HVAC\Heat on with engine running. I actual added a little more than that, but my real test was...
  17. Mopey

    DC Fast Charging at -30F with a cold-soaked battery temp of -6F. Real Observed Results.

    Those of us in the far North have watched the recent cold weather problem reports with interest. I'm only speaking from my own personal experience, but the cold weather problems many are reporting during the cold snap currently gripping much of the US and Canada do not match the real-world...
  18. Mopey

    For All You Tesla Haters - Enjoy!

    What a great visual if some Lightning owners were to drive by and offer some level 2 charging help from the Pro Power onboard. Of course, it is unlikely those poor, helpless Tesla owners would be carrying a portable charging cable or a CCS-J1772 adapter, so the Lightning driver would have to...
  19. Mopey

    PSA: Keep The Battery Warm So You Have Enough Cabin Heat

    The car will be fine left on its own for several weeks, in even extreme cold. I've left mine at the airport for several weeks in mid Alaska winter. However, the 'remote start 15 minutes prior to returning to your car' may not work. I've found with my car, the 12v battery may go into sleep...