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  1. mach-ebert

    What have you 3d Printed?

    I printed the clips to secure the cargo cover. Whatever you print, make sure you're not using PLA. As soon as it gets warm it'll start deforming and fail. I typically use PETG for anything used in a car. ABS or ASA will work as well.
  2. mach-ebert

    Charged Mach-E at Tesla Supercharger via Adapter

    I reserved my Ford adapter at 7:25am CST and have an estimated ship date of May. I ordered the A2Z at 1:43pm CST on 2/29 and received it on March 20th.
  3. mach-ebert

    Crew Car Wash: Windshield issue

    Use a similar car wash. My sticker also doesn't work. I think for it to work it has to be in the same spot you'd put an iPass transponder. Top of the windshield in one of the dotted areas on either side of the mirror. I also have them manually scan me. I've requested to just put the sticker on...
  4. mach-ebert

    Paying Our Fair Share of Highway Taxes [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    And the roads are generally trash. For a state where construction is basically one of the seasons, they never seem to improve anything longer than a year. I've been swerving around the same pothole for 3 years.
  5. mach-ebert

    Charged Mach-E at Tesla Supercharger via Adapter

    Ordered mine 2/29 as well. Received the shipping notification on 3/14 and received it on 3/20.
  6. mach-ebert

    Mach E wave

    Same. Literally had someone ask me about it today at a Kwik Trip (gas station). Anyone else feel like it's only older men that ask about it? 🤣
  7. mach-ebert

    Retrofit Folding Mirror

    I stand corrected!
  8. mach-ebert

    Retrofit Folding Mirror

    Sorry, basing it off of previous model years.
  9. mach-ebert

    Retrofit Folding Mirror

    I may be wrong, but I thought every Mach-E came with folding mirrors.
  10. mach-ebert

    OnePlus 12 and FordPass PaaK

    Have you reset PaaK? I had a similar problem with my Pixel Fold. Resetting Paak resolved it.
  11. mach-ebert

    Amid Explosive Demand, America is Running Out of Power

    The modern day equivalent of "Get off my lawn" has now become "Get off my power!" Love it!
  12. mach-ebert

    A2z fast charger

    Yikes. 🤣
  13. mach-ebert

    A2z fast charger

    Just curious, but when did you order it? I ordered mine on 2/29 and trying to get an idea of when I may receive it.
  14. mach-ebert

    Post here if you have an active FDRS account and are willing to look up info for others

    Trying to see if it's worth getting an FDRS subscription for some weekend updates. Can anyone check for me? Please and thanks in advance! 3FMTK3SUXMMA10901
  15. mach-ebert

    Thanks Ford! My NACS adapter apparently comes with complimentary 250kWh of fast charging + 22,000 points

    The free charging credits are on new purchases. Either the previous owner used them, or maybe they don't transfer?
  16. mach-ebert

    Is there anyone also buy A2Z as early access when ordered Ford One

    I'll be curious to see how fast the A2Z one ships. I reserved my Ford adapter and was #1791 with a May delivery. I also ordered a A2Z one shortly after, since I have some work trips coming up end of March. I'm hoping one of them arrives by then.