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  1. Nomation

    Auto Lock Feature Stopped Working

    Hey all!. For the first time in over 11K miles I could not open the driver's door by pushing the button on the door. Never happen before. I had to use the key fob to unlock the car first. Also, first time the car would not lock automatically when leaving after parking in a lot. Any...
  2. Nomation

    Paint Issues

    Hey all. Check your front bumper under the headlights for thin paint and flaking issues. I took mine to the dealership and waiting on them to process for warranty work. It looks like the area of the bumper located underneath of the headlight case was cut to fit and that caused paint...
  3. Nomation

    OMG My GTPE Finally Shipped!

    Just checked the Tracker and my GTPE Grabber Blue decked out finally shipped yesterday. Now I have time to study professional reviews coming very soon before I make my final decision. Yes I have reservations but just slightly. Come on you professional reviewers....get to work and put this...
  4. Nomation

    New GT in NJ Dealership...Act Quick

    2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E GT in Old Bridge, NJ | New York Ford Mustang Mach-E | All American Ford in Old Bridge
  5. Nomation

    Lots of Naysayers last week or so...hmm...Tesla Fan Boys in disguise??

    Anyone notice a trend in the last week or so regarding naysayers? Tesla Fan Boys?? WDYT?? So funny right?
  6. Nomation

    Can anyone inform on the order process?

    I've ordered my GT PE on the 5th of May Order # 10027125 from a local dealer but have not received a VIN # as of yet. Can anyone chime in on how this process works and what I should expect? Thanks in advance.