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  1. dimes4slim

    Ford Options Contract-End Information

    BINGO. Wow, I never did the math until now. I never got a breakdown from Ford Credit, but I assume included was the acquisition fee. I planned on keeping it anyway since I only have 14,000 relatively trouble free miles after 27 months. Thanks for the insight!
  2. dimes4slim

    Ford Options Contract-End Information

    I cannot log in to Ford Credit any more, as it doesn't recognize my user name. Perhaps because the account is paid? I have a letter from them congratulating me on having my account paid in full, and that they have released their lien.
  3. dimes4slim

    Ford Options Contract-End Information

    As an aside, I bought my 21 Premium in Dec 21 using the Options plan for 3 years, with a balloon payment of ~$23K, and a 2.9% interest rate. Dummy me made the remaining 30+ payments a few months later so I could save on the interest expense, not knowing where interest rates were heading...
  4. dimes4slim

    Finally located some 2024 Window Stickers

    I noticed that too for a while on ALL the ones stocked at our local dealerships. They can keep it, and I won't be turning to one that came with my 2021 when the options plan is up.
  5. dimes4slim

    Ford offer

    Can I ask your mileage?
  6. dimes4slim

    OTA updates issue

    I could tell you, but it would blow Ford's secret monitoring cameras.
  7. dimes4slim

    Volvo cutting funding to Polestar

    Today's Wall Street Journal is reporting that Volvo Car won’t provide further funding to Polestar, the electric- car maker it created with Volvo’s Chinese owner Geely, the latest EV retrenchment by the global auto industry.
  8. dimes4slim

    12V Battery FAQ

    I now have answers to questions I had, and didn't have (yet). Comprehensive great information that will prevent me from doing some stupid things, and help prevent having a problem in the future. Thank you so much for sharing this information. Happy New Year.
  9. dimes4slim

    On the Fence after watching Mach E's thermal system nightmare

    I bought my 2021 in Dec 2021, and it has been close to, if not the best car I have owned out of 50+. This forum has probably done more to scare me than anything, but it serves its purpose to help us all better understand our Pony. Actual problems have been negligible, except for the early...
  10. dimes4slim

    Anyone Else Asked To Pay Diagnostic Fee For In-Warranty Repair?

    So maybe I am not crazy after all. My native Ford GPS did this last year on at least two occasions on freeways in Southern California, but the vehicle on the map showed me about 50 yards to my right, smashing through adjacent buildings and parking lots. Since I was really relying on it to...
  11. dimes4slim

    SoCal to Las Vegas Road Trip advice?

    Reaching out to this wonderful group who has guided me through the ownership process, and has often scared the crap out of me for my purchase decision. I am planning my first true road trip, 269 miles to Las Vegas from Murrieta, CA on Interstate 15 freeway. My GOM indicates 290 miles at full...
  12. dimes4slim

    Tax Credit Only Applicable to W-2 Tax Liability?

    Back to your problem, If you have a tax deferred IRA, you should be able to convert some of it to a Roth IRA to add to last year's liability. I believe you have until April 17th, but do your own research.
  13. dimes4slim

    Surprising BEV Future Purchase Survey Result!

    I love it when someone proves a point with the "old" math. If you used "new" math, I would not have believed you.
  14. dimes4slim

    And so it begins. Mache rebates

    I am with you on everything you said. In my case, it was a 69 Delta 88 that looked jacked up in the rear after two years because the front coils sagged so badly that you couldn't keep an alignment. I was only 19, with a lifetime of car buys in my future (like you, over 50 of them). I complained...
  15. dimes4slim

    One Month Later….. will it be totaled?

    Yep, if it stops leaking, all is good. Had a car that kept leaking oil...eventually it stopped leaking, and the engine stopped turning. ;). Actually, it may be coolant, or hopefully just windshield washer fluid.
  16. dimes4slim

    And so it begins. Mache rebates

    Looks like we are getting back to square 1 with incentives to move overpriced cars. I just looked on line at my local dealer and they have 19 MME's ON THE LOT! 2 GT's and the rest Premiums. Most, if not all have green price stickers, so we know what the uncertainty of the federal...
  17. dimes4slim

    Glass roof and cabin heat?

    We often have 100+ degrees in the summer here in inland Southern California. The car stays far cooler than ANY car I have had in the past. The windshield also blocks the sun's heat (and transponders) to the point that I don't even use a reflective windshield screen any more.
  18. dimes4slim

    Inventory is accumulating

    Mine opened by itself so often when I was just walking by the back of the car in the garage that I deactivated it. I have no idea how the sensor works, but my dealer was clueless when I complained.
  19. dimes4slim

    Ford uses 25% more engineers doing same work as rivals, Farley says

    Minor point, but if it take 25% more of Ford's engineers to do the same work, they are 80% as efficient (100/125=80%). Farley needs to check with the Math department. In any event, his engineers are the source of the vast majority of frustration of Mach-E owners.