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  1. Side Mirror Wind Noise Fix

    Ah switched threads in reply, but yes we shouldn't have to do this. But i spent less time implementing this fix that worked than I've taken reading this thread today.
  2. TSB 24-2002 - Wind Noise From Side Mirror Area Try the tape, if it helps, then apply the silicone in that gap. The silicone fix helped for me.
  3. “BC maps not up to date”

    I got the message this morning , but Blue Cruise still worked like it always did.
  4. Sorry to unplug your car

    If the provider publishes some rules, follow them, otherwise: 1.) Charging is first come first serve 2.) Charge as much as you need, but leave immediately as soon as you are done 3.) Don't touch other people's stuff If someone violates 2 by sitting there at 100%, up to you to assess the risks...
  5. Sorry to unplug your car

    What happens if one accidentally damages the charge port, scratch the paint, causes some other charging issue for them, or any other bad thing that can happen when you touch someone else’s property? Some vehicles will also not let you disconnect as easily as the Mach E. Unplugging a car at...
  6. Ford Trip Planner and elevation

    Day ski trip with 3000 ft in 140 miles elevation change. Predicted SOC at destination always off by 10% in the direction you’d expect if it doesn’t take the elevation change into account well. So, if it is trying to adjust for elevation, it does it really poorly.
  7. Is This Normal??

    Yes posting GOM threads without searching on this forum is normal. And Is this normal? Yes, posting GOM questions without searching is normal. Service? Almost certainly nothing wrong with your car. Just need to understand the range estimate better.

    My experience with the United was completely different. Even after it took me weeks to see an intermittent over temp error and video it, they re-opened the ticket and sent me a new charger the very next day. Who knows..
  9. NACS Adapter Now Available + Ford EV Owners Can Now Charge on Tesla Superchargers in U.S., Canada! 🙌

    Given they just pushed the plug in charge update to all the cars, do we know if there are any other adapters for sale now that one could get immediately?
  10. Battery balancing service?

    I was being sarcastic. I think the BMS does this already. Total scam.
  11. Battery balancing service?

    Maybe it is more like actually physically recentering or balancing it to keep from wearing out the suspension unevenly.. sorta like tire rebalancing. I’m sure the primary symptom is range estimated that change rapidly. What a joke.
  12. Does the Ford Nav predict the level of charge to a navagation point

    This is one UI problem I wish @Ford Motor Company would fix.
  13. Warning regarding Grizzl-E charger issue

    My support experience with Grizzl-e awesome. I sent them a picture and video of the over temp error. They sent me a new charger the next day with a return shipping label for the old one. New charger was installed the next week. Other than not having the error in the first place, no way the...
  14. Ist road trip, range is not off big time?

    Failure to read any of the other GOM threads
  15. Are Grizzle chargers trash now?

    My first started over temp faulting after 10 months. Warranty replacement was fast and painless. Back in July. Second one shows no issues so far.
  16. Frozen center screen on startup?

    Happened to me a few times over the last 1.5 years and it has been a while since the last time. Seemed to correlate with two specific locations and / or when Ford was in the middle of starting to push a round of Ota to my car.
  17. Slow charge 350kw hyper fast electrify america

    Certainly would be nice if the center screen had some display with all this data, so one could figure out if moving to a different charger is warranted
  18. Charging to 100% incrementally increases mileage?

    Our beloved GOM , the guess that keeps on guessing
  19. EV Etiquette HELP!

    I’d just let it go. But if you must, buy something like a fake bike lock that makes it look like the charging chord is attached to their nearest tire. Add a card that says to get code to unlock your vehicle , please pay your idle fees at … <insert your choice of funny website here?>