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  1. SuperRob

    Just how energy efficient are EVs? VERY.

    Just saw a video from Transport Evolved, and they threw out a data point that I had to go back and re-watch because I was astounded: A single gallon of gasoline carries the equivalent of 33.7kWh of energy. That means the Mustang Mach-E is ‘only‘ carrying the equivalent of 2-3 gallons of gas at...
  2. SuperRob

    Never had a 'fun' car before .... I'm hooked!

    We finally picked up our Mach-E on Wednesday. Honestly, I started having regrets about the order right around the six month mark of waiting (it took more than 13 months). It would easily be the most money we'd ever spent on a car, and up until this point, my cars have been practical (with one...
  3. SuperRob

    Eevee is Home

    After a more than 13 month wait, we took delivery of our Mach-E, which my daughter has named Eevee. (She also picked the color.) i bought mine from Bickford Motors, in Snohomish, WA and the experience, while a little long, was really painless. X-Plan was accepted with no hassle at all. I even...
  4. SuperRob

    AOSKonology Console Dash Storage + Belkin BoostCharge Mod

    In preparation for my Mach-E delivery, I ordered a bunch of accessories doing Amazon's Prime Day sale, one of which was the @AOSK Console Dash Storage tray. My wife and I often drive together, and while I would expect the main driver to be using the Qi charging pad in the car, sometimes the...
  5. SuperRob

    JuiceBox 40 installed!

    While I’m still a couple months away from taking delivery of my Mach-E, today I installed the JuiceBox that arrived from our power utility. (They had an instant $500 rebate if you ordered it directly from them, so this was $150.) We had the 50A service and NEMA 14-50 outlet installed (including...