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  1. Future Proofing Dual Charger Install?

    I went with the Tesla Universal, and my wife and I share it without issue. We just swap parking spots based on who needs to charge. The cord is long enough to run it across the garage if needed, but it's just as easy to park in the charging spot when I need to charge. As for circuit sharing, I...
  2. Tesla slashes FSD to $99 a month

    It's not worth it for that price. It's pretty cool to use, but it needs a lot of work. For freeways, I prefer my BlueCruise over it. It could be that I don't have it on the right settings, but it will do cool stuff like change lanes to go faster. However, when someone is coming up behind you...
  3. Cost for 10K maintenance?

    I think I got ripped off on my 10K and 20K service, so I will not take my car to a dealership for service. #FutureFordofRoseville. I paid in Fordpass Rewards 10,808 Points for 10K (Tire Rotation) 11,192 Points for 20K (Tire rotation)
  4. Software Update 6.14 Rolling Out to Mustang Mach-E

    Since everyone else is providing feedback, I think the navigation map should have different color icons for charging. One color for L2 charging and one for DCFC Overall, I like the changes to the icons on the top, and combining Bluetooth and USB makes sense. Thanks for continuing to take...
  5. 6.14.0 Software Update just installed

    Downloading now. Big update, stopped at 2GB....which reminds me I gotta go find the sketch app before the update installs so I can very if it moved or not
  6. San Diego Police have the Mach-E!

    I work for a local government and I have been told no EV’s are pursuit rates which is why they are not buying them. I was surprised to learn they make an F150 that is pursuit rated, just picked up a few and officers love them.
  7. 2022 Mach E GT sunglasses holder broken and Fremont Ford refused to repair under warranty

    As a first time ford owner it’s stupid shit like this that piss me off. First the seat started cracking now my sunglasses holder and the car isn’t even two year old but out of warranty. This is basic stuff that they should have mastered by now. I am not mad at all by the HV component issues...
  8. Seat Material Cracking

    Add me to the list. I've had it for 18 months and 44K miles, and the driver's seat is cracking on the bolster closest to the driver's door. My prior Hondas didn't have this after 8 years and 175K miles. It's sad for sure, but it's not worth paying to get it fixed.
  9. Two melted shockflo Tesla home charger adapters

    Just a suggestion: If you are going to keep buying adapters, maybe sell the Tesla charger and go with the Tesla Universal Wall Charger. You can charge both with one charger. No adapters are needed—it's all built-in. I have been using it since it launched, and it works great...
  10. Enhance Temperature Controls

    You are correct. I do have it set to Auto. I forgot about the "Last Setting". Maybe I will try that during the in-between season. Thanks!
  11. Enhance Temperature Controls

    It would be a great feature to have access to. I agree. My wife's Tesla has this option, and being able to choose which seat warmer to turn on is a nice plus as well. I have found that remote start is smart enough in the winter to turn on the seat heater and heat the car, and in the summer...
  12. CarPlay was bad recently, nearly unusable since iOS 17.4

    I am on 17.4 and 6.13, and no issues for me. I have recently stopped using Carplay because every app, including this one, has ads that take over the audio, and it's just annoying. Before people attack me for using my phone while in the car....I sit at my daughter's soccer practice in the car...
  13. Humming when not charging

    HVB charging 12 volt?
  14. Tesla vs Electrify America vs EVgo - Plug & Charge test! Who's fastest?

    I have not watched it yet, but hopefully, the video shows the attempts taken to find a charger that works?!?! Took me 3 tries Sat to find a working EA charger this weekend. At the second stop, I called because the other spots were taken. The poor lady on the other end working for EA I felt...
  15. 24-PU0102-SVD-FX2

    Curious to see if I get CMR-FX. My 6.13.0 was installed long ago without issues. Just got this one today.
  16. Plug and charge is awesome

    I’d buy a lotto ticket. First EA station in madera, CA today had to move the car twice. 3rd one worked. Had to stop again in Turlock and it was rated 10 on plug share. Guess what didn’t work and it was the only one available. Called and after 10 min on hold the lady said the station is...
  17. Scratches and swirls in B pillars

    Thank you. Those pillars have been driving me crazy but always too chicken to try to fix. Lightly polished and they look better than when I bought it. Used Adam’s Polisher with 38 polish. Applied some ceramic coat to it so hopefully it will last…damn it. Cleaned up and then realized the...
  18. 24-PU0102-CHG-SUFX

    Just downloaded to my car not EA. Last update was the supercharger. Latest powerup 6.0.13 forever ago but it broke nothing for me