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  1. KlueBat

    To the Mods: Ignore thread option does not work

    There are times, too many times, where annoying threads get pushed to the top of the front page, even promoted as "news" stories. I try to use the Ignore button to hide these threads. I even make sure to check both the "News feed" and "Threads list" options. However, the annoying threads that I...
  2. KlueBat

    Has anyone opened the Ford/Tesla NACS adapter yet?

    I was just watching the @Mach-E VLOG video that was posted today. In it they confirmed how easy it would be to walk up to a random Mach E and steal the NACS adapter. Considering that they will probably be in short supply for a while while Tesla continues to on board all the other manufactures...
  3. KlueBat

    Rust Protection Options / Experiances

    Good day, everyone! Since I finally got a build date for my car, I'm thinking about protection options. I've already talked to my PPF guy to get a quote, but I'm also considering getting my Mach E protected with either Krown or Fluid Film. I searched the form and only found one person who had...