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  1. TheSteelRider

    What does ‘Hands Free Driving’ even mean?

    Of course, 99% of folks on this forum this is old news, but it's nice to see Ford sponsoring content and getting the message out to a lot of folks, this time through Zack at JerryRigEverything
  2. TheSteelRider

    Yes, it is a Mustang and does Mustang things

    At least according to this Colorado cop, it's a Mustang (timestamp = 0:42). On a side note, I'm not sure why the driver didn't try the, "Sorry sir, I'm still on BC 1.0. Had Ford updated me with BC 1.3/1.4 like they said, it would have automatically driven my drunk butt a little better" (I...
  3. TheSteelRider

    Engineering Explained - No, Tesla Cybertruck Is *Not* Faster Than Porsche (While Towing)

    Elon musk claimed in the Cybertuck launch event, "[The Cybertruck] can tow a Porsche 911 across the quarter mile faster than the Porsche 911 can go by itself". Additionally, it was claimed vaguely that the CT was also "faster" than a Porsche 911 (which some may interpret as top speed, others...
  4. TheSteelRider

    Tesla Cybertruck 70 MPH range test - Out of Spec

    TL;DR 254 miles @ 70 MPH (vs. 318 EPA rated range) 124 kWh of energy used according to the infotainment screen (vs. 123 KWh claimed usable) 490 Wh / Mile efficiency (~2 miles / KWh) If you want to skip until: The truck goes past 0 into turtle mode: 30:25 The truck screams to stop vehicle: 33:30...
  5. TheSteelRider

    Electric Chevrolet S10

    A little change from the norm, but checkout the beginning of restoration of this electric Chevy S10 pickup. I didn't even know these were ever made. It's awesome seeing technology such as wireless charging over a decade prior to the EV boom of today, and over two decades before the electric...
  6. TheSteelRider

    The New Tesla / NACS Charging Connector Explained

    I think this video unintentionally explained why the announcement from Ford and others seemed to hint that we would have access to only a limited number of Tesla supercharger stations, and not all Tesla superchargers. TL;DR The current Telsa adapter essentially uses the J1772 + Chademo...
  7. TheSteelRider

    Car Wizard shows how the Mach-E & electric cars still need (and won't need) a mechanic

    The Car Wizard (Hoovie's Garage's mechanic) got a Mach E in his shop and gives it a go-around in his usual style.
  8. TheSteelRider

    The Tesla Model Y is an Immature, Overhyped, and Over-Glorified Toaster Oven

    This is THE MOST brilliant review of a Tesla Model Y that I have every seen! I admit to thinking most of the thoughts that the host very cheekily presents!
  9. TheSteelRider

    IPC (Instrument Panel Cluster) "PRNDL" display Bug / Glitch

    This is a very minor glitch, but I noticed it and was mildly curious if anyone else has spotted this. I have noticed that the "D" PRNDL display in the binnacle sometimes glitches. Normally the letters are white for the unselected "gear" and orange for the selected "gear". When the glitch...
  10. TheSteelRider

    Ford Mach-E - Mustang or Mediocre? | In Depth (Now You Know)

    Well, it was bound to happen. Zac and Jessie borrowed a friend's Mach E (Andrew) for a day to "review" it. Andrew is a Tesla owner, and loves his Mach E. So what do Zac and Jessie have to say? Come on, you already know the answer. They do give some valid criticisms, but it's hard to sift...
  11. TheSteelRider

    Ford Mustang Mach-E FIRST ROAD TRIP. The good, the bad, and the ugly truth..

    I almost hesitate to post this at the risk of fanning the flames of extremism. That said, I know Ford watches this forum, so my hope is they view this and it spurs them to take action. Although I personally don't plan to DCFC often (couple times a year, maybe?), when I do, I want it to work...
  12. TheSteelRider

    Tesla Admits Current ‘Full Self-Driving Beta’ Will Always Be a Level 2 System: Emails Tesla Admits Current ‘Full Self-Driving Beta’ Will Always Be a Level 2 System: Emails A Tesla regulatory counsel told the California DMV that it will remain a hands-on system...
  13. TheSteelRider

    This is real, physical IONIQ 5 not a CGI – 2022 Hyundai IONIQ 5 reviewed!

    Sure looks like a futuristic, possibly polarizing design. Nice to see such a good walk-around, but too bad he couldn't get inside!