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  1. Oldlawman

    No updates since summer 23. Would anyone be able to help?

    Just received this update - haven’t tested the car yet to see if anything is upset. I’m unsure how to add a charging station into the nav system though..
  2. Oldlawman

    UK Customers

    When? I’d rather have a 12v battery icon on the driver’s screen
  3. Oldlawman

    From 2022 Kuga 190st lx awd to a 2024 Mach e select

    Going from the Kuga to the Mach you shouldn’t experience any difficulty in getting/out. I’m not exactly fit either and I find the Mach supremely comfortable. Plenty of legroom front and back.
  4. Oldlawman

    From 2022 Kuga 190st lx awd to a 2024 Mach e select

    Yup - I went from a 2017 2L diesel Kuga 180bhp AWD to my July 2022 AWD EXTD MME. Not far off double the power with instant acceleration. Dead quiet in comparison and just as roomy. Boot is smaller but is big enough for my two Airedales. Boot lip is about 2” higher so I have lift my dogs’ rear...
  5. Oldlawman

    Dear Ford… why no 12v battery gauge?

    Will do - thank you😎
  6. Oldlawman

    Dear Ford… why no 12v battery gauge?

    So far I have had no battery problems either HV or 12v. I have just the soc for both — HV shows 90% whilst the 12v shows 78% on Is that good bearing in mind I usually only drive relatively short distances and do have front/rear dashcams wired in by my Ford dealer before I took...
  7. Oldlawman

    TSB 24-2002 - Wind Noise From Side Mirror Area

    Is this recall only for Canada/USA?
  8. Oldlawman

    NJ to Charge $250 fee per year on EVs

    As I mentioned in my previous reply EV’s in the UK are currently free of any Road Tax but as from next year they will charged at the rate of £125 pa for the privilege of using our pothole strewn roads. As the revenue from fuel tax diminishes I have no doubt at all that HM Government will ensure...
  9. Oldlawman

    NJ to Charge $250 fee per year on EVs

    As from 2025 EV vehicles will be subject to an annual Road Tax of £125 in the UK - up to now they have been free of this. ICE cars have been subject to Road Tax for decades so we can’t complain. As ICE vehicles are phased out and HM government’s fuel revenues drop I suspect that position will...
  10. Oldlawman

    Latest update

    It would be nice if Ford told us what the update actually does. Does anyone know?
  11. Oldlawman

    Latest update

    Sorry I don’t have any further information.
  12. Oldlawman

    Mach E wave

    I always try to wave or flash at a fellow MME but have never received a response - not even from one which parked right next to me - lot of miserable buggers about.
  13. Oldlawman

    New RED 2023 Mach-E4X Premium AWD

    Nice ride - congratulations- best colour in my opinion. Enjoy😎
  14. Oldlawman

    Latest update

    Received this update early this morning - car still running with no obvious problems so that's good. Update looks right handy for our climate.
  15. Oldlawman

    Latest update

    Hey ho - another UK update today. This time though I firstly received a warning announcement of the pending update at 01.00 hrs tonight which also gave me the option of downloading immediately provided that I exited the car etc. As I had just parked for shopping I opted to install right away as...
  16. Oldlawman

    How to Escape Your Car If the Electronic Door Release Fails ???

    Oh yeah - I did that accidentally and nearly lost my nuts climbing over into the front seat!
  17. Oldlawman

    Latest update

    Just received this yesterday. More background stuff apparently.
  18. Oldlawman

    Mach-E cold weather kit: Who wants one?

    Yup - gets rid of the lot