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  1. KDub

    Software Update 6.14 Rolling Out to Mustang Mach-E

    So does this mean I can stop asking my dealer for the BCM and GFM update? Doesn't seem like it from the @Ford Motor Company OP. I'm kind of done with their confused looks and we can't do that responses. I have Job 1 (May 2021 build)
  2. KDub

    Ford Options Contract-End Information

    Rates are different from 3-4 years ago. When you refinanced, what kind of rates was Ford offering (if you don't mind sharing)? Thanks.
  3. KDub

    Power-Up 6.7.0

    Been stuck on 6.5 since before the holidays (2021 Job 1 CA Route 1).
  4. KDub

    My wife and kids got me a Lego Mach-E for Christmas

    What update is it up to? Does it have BlueCruise 1.3? 😁
  5. KDub

    Has anyone been charged yet for BlueCruise?

    Same payment failed issue. I called the 800 number and they told me to try again tomorrow. The rep said they knew that $800 was the only option and they are trying to correct it so $600/3 years is an option again for Job1 customers.
  6. KDub

    Blue Cruise offer

    Me too. 3 years at $600 with frunk update "coming soon." 😂
  7. KDub


    I have a Job 1, May 2021 build. I brought it in for service today and gave them the 3 step update listed in this thread. They came back and said there is no electrical going to the frunk so no updates can get me frunk opening from the number door panel or screen. Are they just uninformed?
  8. KDub

    Frunk opened by itself!

    So let me get this straight, @Ford Motor Company immediately replies to a Mach E owner who didn't want his frunk to open but it did, but won't respond to the thousands of posts of Mach E owners who want their frunk to open remotely but can't?! 🙃🤔
  9. KDub


    If the dealer update allows opening from the door keypad as well, that is a huge improvement. You don't even have to open the door or pull twice. And let's say you live in an area of the country where having anything visible in the car puts you at risk of a broken window, frunks are extremely...
  10. KDub

    Frunk opens electronically: 2021 Job 1 First Edition Mach E

    I've been recording feedbacks requesting this feature on a weekly basis. It's therapeutic to request a feature Job 1 owners all want using a feature no one asked for. 😁
  11. KDub

    What is the black plastic square next to the rear grab handle?

    Gotta say, this thread could have benefitted from some specificity from the beginning. Anyone know what that grey circle thing is over there? 😂
  12. KDub

    Drive modes unavailable since last OTA.

    This happened to me as well on my 2021 Job 1 after getting 4.2.1. Three times yesterday. Previously only once. Hoping it resolves itself but I thought I saw a thread earlier that this may lead to a bigger issue.
  13. KDub

    “Drive Mode not available”

    This happened to me today. I was in Whisper (due to rainy weather) and got this "Drive Mode Not Available" warning. Checked my mode after about 3 minutes and I was in Engage. Switched back to Whisper. Had my Job 1 CA Rt 1 since July of 2021 and this has never happened.
  14. KDub

    RIP Car Icon (2019 - 2023)

    I miss it too but Ford will save so much money not creating car-specific icons and opting for the squiggly line one-size-fits-all icon. So much money 🤑
  15. KDub

    【More Colors Update】Upgrade your Mach-E with these Metal Volume and Gear Shift Covers! SNAP IN, Swap the style

    Just received my blue and black ones today through Amazon. I went with the blue as well. Agree. Big improvement. Thanks @AOSK and also @scoopman for his video.
  16. KDub

    “Real-World” Study Shows PHEV “Battery Only” Usage Much Lower Than Estimated

    PHEV have their place. Before the MachE, I had the Honda Clarity plug-in that got about 45 miles of pure EV before the ICE kicked in. During a 3 year lease, I filed the gas tank up less than a dozen times. I do think 100 miles range is the sweet spot but even at that size battery, PHEVs would...
  17. KDub

    4.1.2 OTA pushes to Early Access Mach-E owners

    This is a really long thread so this may have been mentioned several times, anyone else wish they'd replace the circular settings icon with the old Mach E icon?
  18. KDub

    4.1.2 OTA pushes to Early Access Mach-E owners

    Thanks but the blue and black kits are out of stock. AOSK got back to me and they should be back in a "half month."
  19. KDub

    4.1.2 OTA pushes to Early Access Mach-E owners

    Do you have knob covers yet?🤣 The AOSK ones are out of stock
  20. KDub

    【More Colors Update】Upgrade your Mach-E with these Metal Volume and Gear Shift Covers! SNAP IN, Swap the style

    Looking for a set of blue and Black knob covers but they appear to be sold out on Amazon and online. Any ETA on more stock? @AOSK