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  1. Unable to turn on purchased Connected Navigation

    Looking everywhere to figure out how to mute the sat nav voice guidance! Can lower the volume but not mute? Madness
  2. Rivian R1S And R1T Owners Can Now Charge At Tesla Superchargers

    Lest anyone gets the wrong idea, there’s still a fair number of V3 SCs that CCS vehicles won’t be able to access, probably because Tesla doesn’t want some higher-traffic locations to become even more congested. Kodi
  3. Car sometimes starts charging 3 hours early

    I'm encountering an issue where at whatever point I plug in the charging link at home (haven't attempted elsewhere yet) the infotainment framework shows "Charge right away" thus it begins charging. Tutuapp 9Apps
  4. Guess it's my turn with Stop Safely Now and Service Vehicle Soon

    My 2022 Lightning ER is showing "Stop Safely Now" & "Service Vehicle Soon" messages and I am unable to fput the shifter it into Drive. I needed to positioned it into Neutral to roll it out of the storage. Is there anything I can do to have the truck power at decreased strength? snaptube...
  5. Follow distance not working

    If you place one to medium, one to high, and one to highest, you'll see them comply with in a line as opposed to fumbling over eachother, so it is clean that what he stated is inaccurate. Kodi
  6. Malfunction alerts: what do these mean?

    The computer voice is lame. Tutuapp 9Apps
  7. Side camera blue image

    After the seller supplanted a wrecked driver side controlled reflect this issue began. I couldn't say whether it's associated yet the seller appears to be awkward. "Not ready to re-make the issue." The blue out of the side camera is irregular. Now and again the camera walks out on, however it...
  8. Musings of a GTPE owner on trim levels

    Carvana informed me my 21 MME GT with 35,530 miles and no injuries become worth $22,057 at the cease of closing month. I might try find out in which they get those charges if I have been you. Buy from the same man. Kodi
  9. Very positive long-term Mach-E ownership review by Edmunds

    I've had mine (premium, standard range & rear wheel drive) for almost 2 years and have driven over 40,000 miles. I love it so much. I agree that its good in most areas but I think there are few some small things that are a huge plus for it (and other Ford vehicles) mainly plug and charge and its...
  10. Charge Coupler Manual Release Question

    This is great content that I needed when a CCS charger wouldn’t disconnect my Mach E. Let me say you don’t want to have to deal with this 1500 miles from home in 100° heat.
  11. 2022 Mach E and also a 2023 Model 3

    No matter how much comparable the Mach-E is to Model Y, the Ford dealership always have the last say. They’ve been marking up the MSRP even way beyond the tax rebate .
  12. Autocar Review of Mach E (UK)

    An electric powered Ford Mustang might have been unthinkable only a few years ago - but, in testomony to the fantastic advancements of electric automobiles and alternative fuels, one of the most known cars of all-time arrives because the first all-electric muscle vehicle. Since the 60s, the...
  13. What Power-up version should I be on?

    I thought the lightning refreshed notes were weak ...however your Mach E has that beat....yikes.
  14. Now phone sound (intermittent)

    I'm having a telephone issue with my swell new 2024 ES 350 UL, and obviously there is a setting that is off-base, however I just can't track down it. At the point when I start the vehicle, Apple Vehicle Play fires straight up and all the applications work impeccably. On the off chance that I get...
  15. FordPass App Not Showing Vehicle Status (Fixed)

    Normally in the upper left corner of the application we would see an open image with +1 or 2, and so on or a green mark, yet today there isn't anything there. Is it a setting in the PCM that is unintentionally off? Tutuapp 9Apps
  16. one year, 20k miles review on my 2022 MME Select RWD

    Very accurate and honest review. I have 2021 Mach E premium with over 48,000 miles on it. I would have preferred a softer ride but other than that it’s been great. It’s also been the most reliable vehicle I’ve ever owned. snaptube vidmate
  17. Bluecruise review from Fully Charged Show

    As an American owner of a 2023 Mach-e it's interesting to see that Bluecruise operates differently here. In the US Bluecruise can change lanes. Simply press the indicator to tell the car which direction to go, it checks the surroundings for safety and switches lanes all on its own. Kodi
  18. Mach E premium AWD range issue

    I'm set to accept my 22 Mach E tomorrow, took out of a client's dropped request. Is it genuine that the Mach E has a lot of programming bugs and issues, connecting with the 12v battery as well as the product refreshes? Seeing these grumblings online truly is getting me terrified and re-thinking...
  19. OT - Jim Farley Race Car Driver

    These cars are used in the Australian v8 supercar championship , also at the Bathurst 1000 , 1000km endurance race around the 6.2 km Bathurst street circuit race track , the track is a race track and when it’s not used for racing it is a public road , to drive around and gives the residents...
  20. AM Radio / Priority Update 23-PU0907-RAD-ON

    I now kinda hope I don't get a 2023 so I can pay off my 22 F150 and just keep it. Otherwise I'll have to trade it in. We'll see what happens. I had a 2022 F450 that rolled into the 2023 order bank.