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  1. johnmark

    Watch! Interview: MME Chief Engineer Donna Dickson

    2'ed - really hoping there was a lot done in software that we pre -24 owners can benefit from.
  2. johnmark

    HVBJB Recall-parts now available

    I just got mine done 2 weeks ago and that was not the process at all. They ordered the parts in advance so that they would arrive by the time I showed up with the car. Not sure why a dealer would do it any other way or why ford would instruct them to do so.
  3. johnmark

    2nd Mach-E/Blue Cruise involved crash

    I agree. But as humans we become less aware of our surroundings when the driving is automated enough to be hands free. That's just how we work. And when something disrupts that flow, we're not good at adapting on the fly. A great example of this is the air France crash off the coast of Brazil...
  4. johnmark

    Goodwill Program Information: High Voltage Battery Junction Box (23S56)

    Just got my car back. Everything seems to be in good working order, and they washed it. Kudos to Townsend Ford in Townsend Mass!
  5. johnmark

    Mach-E Owners Registry & Stats [Enter Yours]!

    A lot more Arkansas deliveries than I expected. They must all be charging at home because there aren't many fast chargers in the state :)
  6. johnmark

    Total Eclipse in Northern New England. Don't drive electric

    Same. We will have 90% totality in our part of Massachusetts. That's close enough for me :)
  7. johnmark

    Article: "Tesla’s Sales Drop, a Sign That Its Grip on the E.V. Market Is Slipping"

    Yeah - the charging time becomes less important if you can significantly increase the range. I don't mind taking 30-60 minutes to charge if I can drive 4-6 hours without stopping.
  8. johnmark

    Gift from Ford for completing the HVJB recall!

    Just dropped off my GT at the dealer last night. Fingers crossed I'll get it back by tomorrow evening or Saturday. Curious how long it takes for the gift pack to ship.
  9. johnmark

    Android Phone all static after OTA

    I can confirm. On a whim I tried it yesterday and it worked. Thanks Ford!
  10. johnmark

    Battery tech progressing at a rapid pace

    300+ usable miles is about the magic number for me, so total range probably needs to be at least 450-500. It will probably be 4-5 years before that's commonplace.
  11. johnmark

    Sorry to unplug your car

    This modern version of Les Mis is gonna be lit.
  12. johnmark

    Charged Mach-E at Tesla Supercharger via Adapter

    I had this same issue. I kept trying to fiddle with it and couldn't figure out why it wasn't working. Finally I gave up and went to the next stall and it worked perfectly lol But not before I injured myself :'(
  13. johnmark

    Battery tech progressing at a rapid pace

    I don't think that's true. Materials science is a long game. While the foundational science and tech is from the 90s and early 2000s, the ability to scale and manufacture goods that meet customer demands and price points takes a lot of time and effort. The advances made right now are not related...
  14. johnmark

    Battery tech progressing at a rapid pace

    Talk about your moonshots...
  15. johnmark

    Battery tech progressing at a rapid pace

    Imagine if Google sunk their $2 billion of funny money into this, instead of useless f***ing waymo.
  16. johnmark

    Battery tech progressing at a rapid pace

    For sure, but getting to 15-20 minutes would be pretty sweet and get us "close enough" for the next adoption wave. Something we can probably achieve in the next 5 years.
  17. johnmark

    Battery tech progressing at a rapid pace

    Yup - I did catch that.
  18. johnmark

    Who is repenting the decision of purchasing a Mach e? I am for sure

    My only regret is that I wish I had gone for the RWD premium or rt 1 (at the time). I don't think I needed the GT trim or AWD. But it's a helluva fun car to drive and I enjoy it.