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  1. GrumblesTheDog

    DIY How To: Remove and Replace Suspension with KW V3 Coilovers on Mach-E

    So far it's been great - I ended up softening the compression a few clicks after letting them settle, which really gave a smooth ride (which my wife agreed with, fortunately). I have developed a rare clunk (ETA: on rebound) on the passenger front strut after about 1000 miles -- anyone with...
  2. GrumblesTheDog

    Ford NACS Adapter has shipped [and NOW ARRIVING]!

    Through an incredible stroke of luck, I am order number #82 but no shipping email yet. Glad to see there is movement nonetheless. ETA: well well, I looked on my FedEx account and there was a label created today originating in Dearborn, MI...
  3. GrumblesTheDog

    18" vs 19" wheels/tires efficiency on AWD Premium

    Can confirm - just did a ~1400 mile roadtrip after putting CA Rt 1 wheels on my premium ER. With the original wheels, I was getting 2.7mi/kwh at interstate speeds but with the Rt1 wheels, I was easily getting 3.1 even at 70-72mph. I will say I put the Hankook Ion Evo SUV tires on mine so that...
  4. GrumblesTheDog

    Alignment info

    Thanks, that's helpful. I got a tire shop willing to do the alignment for me; if I need to, I'll get a short term FDRS license to do the IPMA alignment myself.
  5. GrumblesTheDog

    Alignment info

    Sketchy, point taken. Oh well. Time to schedule with a new shop.
  6. GrumblesTheDog

    Alignment info

    I figured it would be easy to adjust - I try to give them the benefit of the doubt but they consistently do the bare minimum possible every time I've had to go for service. Does that sound reckless to just empirically adjust the tie rods myself a few mm to improve the feel?
  7. GrumblesTheDog

    Alignment info

    Bumping to the top ... I ended up DIYing a set of KW coilovers, and went to the dealer to try and get it aligned, but they said they didn't have the tools to do it?? There is just a bit too much toe out, and I can feel it being a little jittery on the road. I thought this would be a pretty...
  8. GrumblesTheDog

    DIY How To: Remove and Replace Suspension with KW V3 Coilovers on Mach-E

    Thanks all - I found a strut nut socket online which, with a crowfoot wrench, let me hold the piston rod in place while I torqued down the strut nut. Installation took a while, but it is quite a manageable DIY job. In anticipation of tweaking ride settings, is the rear rebound adjustment...
  9. GrumblesTheDog

    Tesla Supercharger network now up to 66 locations with Magic Dock (4/17/24)

    I think Clark, NJ just went live if I am reading the Tesla app correctly. This begs the question - will Tesla continue to retrofit magic docks now that the adapter floodgate has opened?
  10. GrumblesTheDog

    6.14.0 Software Update just installed

    Interesting - I thought the APIM was the last update needed to officially turn on BC 1.4, but it seems not if they aren't calling this 7.0.0
  11. GrumblesTheDog

    DIY How To: Remove and Replace Suspension with KW V3 Coilovers on Mach-E

    After entirely too long sitting on my own set, I went ahead and tried to install them this weekend. Rear ones went fine...but how have people tightened the bolt connecting the strut mount to the front coilover? At some point the nut tightens well short of 37ftlb, then the center column starts to...
  12. GrumblesTheDog

    Coming soon: BlueCruise 1.3

    Got a 1600 mile roadtrip coming up at the end of March. Pleasantly surprised by the speed of Supercharger OTA deployment (though I assume adapter will not be here in time.) BC 1.4 would really hit the spot...
  13. GrumblesTheDog

    FAQ & Tips -- Mach-E Access to Tesla Superchargers; NACS Adapter

    That's pretty cool. Incidentally - I looked around at some local superchargers; one that is (I think) a mixed installation of V2 and V3 chargers did not show up on Fordpass, so that's nice to see that we are unlikely to be routed to chargers that won't work with the adapter.
  14. GrumblesTheDog

    Recall 23S56 - HVBJB Replacement / Powertrain Software Update

    Anyone heard any (reliable) information from their dealer about how long the HVBJB is taking to arrive after they order the part? I finally found a dealer who was willing to do the recall but they still insisted on me bringing the car in before they ordered the least I got the parking...
  15. GrumblesTheDog

    Power Up 6.x Poll

    Just got 6.8 pushed to me again and this time I got the notification in the car. Went ahead and had it install right away and so far so good. Hopefully this means some of the other stuck on 6.8 folks start having better luck...
  16. GrumblesTheDog

    Recall 23S56 - HVBJB Replacement / Powertrain Software Update

    Finally called my dealer to try and schedule this, and they tell me: "Ford is actually reaching out to customers directly to schedule, we aren't doing the scheduling ourselves." :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: Time to call around.
  17. GrumblesTheDog

    Power Up 6.x Poll

    I got up to 6.7.0 prior to the holidays, then 6.8.0 seemed to queue up earlier this week but it now looks like it's stuck - "Update Unsuccessful - Will Retry As Soon As Possible" according to Fordpass. Strange that there's no dialogue box in the car about it. The Software Update screen says...
  18. GrumblesTheDog

    First Tesla Superchargers with "Magic Dock" CCS Adapter are online... and charged up a Rivian

    So close. A Magic Dock-equipped station in Bloomington would be great; there's a supercharger there and last time I checked zero reliable CCS fast charging otherwise.
  19. GrumblesTheDog

    OTA 4.3.5

    Got 4.3.5 today; not in EA. Not to sound like I am gloating, but OTAs are really starting to come pretty frequently between this and the last few priority updates.