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  1. Oldlawman

    Latest update

    Just received this yesterday. More background stuff apparently.
  2. Oldlawman

    Apple Maps gone

    Hi - I am on Sync 4 in my July 2022 MME AWD EXTD. I normally use Ford's navi systems but have noticed that although my iPhone is connected via Carplay for music and contacts I cannot find Apple Maps anywhere which is a nuisance as I find sometimes it is more accurate than Ford. It certainly used...
  3. Oldlawman

    Stop safely now warning

    Firstly apologies if this is posted incorrectly. My MME AWD EXTD built July 2022 is displaying the above warning. I plug into my home charger every day to keep topped up to 90%. Returned from a drive this morning car was showing 85% so I plugged in leaving it charging from the solar panels only...
  4. Oldlawman

    Annoying rattle

    I have posted about this before. There is a really annoying rattle emanating from the region of the dashboard of my mach. I removed everything loose from the vehicle but the noise persists. It is booked into the Ford dealer in December to hopefully remedy this. Now that the cold weather is...
  5. Oldlawman

    New update

    Received PowerUp 23-PU1103-NAT-VCE during an afternoon drive on 24 November. I knew that it was in progress because my navigation screen went completely blank which was unfortunate as I was relying on that to get me to a previously unvisited destination! Automatic updates are on and set to 0100...
  6. Oldlawman

    Departure and Comfort settings

    I am sure that one of you techies can answer this question for me. Currently my comfort cabin setting is "cool". I tried to amend it to either "medium" or "warm" by pressing the "edit" button but cannot save that setting as the "save" button is grayed out and on exit it defaults to "cool". I...
  7. Oldlawman


    Up to a week ago my Mach was dead quiet inside - just the usual road noise - lovely. Then all of a sudden I am experiencing a loud rattling sound going over slightly bumpy roads and which seems to be emanating from the front passenger side either from the dash or lower. I have emptied everything...
  8. Oldlawman


    Out driving this morning and all of a sudden the navigation screen goes blank and nothing works. Reached my destination and rebooted. No change lol. Did my shopping and switched on - screen looked different but worked. Lo and behold an update had downloaded - THE update - the one I have been...
  9. Oldlawman

    Navigation memory / settings wiped out

    I had lots of addresses/locations saved in Navigation inc Home, favourites etc. Switched on the other day and pressed Favourites - nothing there - everything wiped out! No other indications or faults shown. Any ideas? One off gremlin or likely to reoccur? The only recent action I had undertaken...
  10. Oldlawman

    Personal Profile problem

    Hello all you techies out there this old duffer could use a little help please. I set up my personal profile in my Mach ok save that I cannot get it to save a profile photo. It is fine to save an avatar but not my contact photo. I set up my contact details inc a photo in my iPhone and ensured...
  11. Oldlawman


    I have a Hypervolt smart charger for my MME. When the sun is shining I plug n"charge from solar panels. Failing that I schedule charge overnight on the cheap rate tariff. When I switch to scheduled charging between 01:00 - 07:00 on the FordPass on my iPhone and set it to 90% the app successfully...
  12. Oldlawman

    Load Retention Guard

    I have just ordered the Ford Mach E Load Retention Guard Part Number 2490609 for my 2022 Mach E. This is the one that fits behind the front seats with the rear seats folded down. It will give my large two dogs enough room to be comfortable but secure. The whole boot is lined with a made to...
  13. Oldlawman

    Black dashboard screen

    Advice needed please from the resident experts. I charged my MME to 100% last night - everything was functioning normally. This morning I plugged an electric coolbox into the 12v supply in the boot. The coolbox only drew some 4.33 amps max. When I left on my journey the dashboard screen...
  14. Oldlawman

    Unknown symbol

    I am probably going to be told that I am being dense by the experts but there is a symbol which appears on my status bar which I cannot find in the manual and is bugging the hell out of me! It's no doubt very obvious but I do not know what it is........the white foot n'pedal symbol in the middle...
  15. Oldlawman

    How often to charge

    Took delivery of my Rapid Red AWD EXTD MME on 7 November and have only done 107 miles to date so I am not exactly burning rubber. Still running on the original 100% charge from the dealership which is now down to 64% or 178 miles. I am new to all this and would appreciate advice as to how...
  16. Oldlawman

    Garage Opener

    Hi everyone, I ordered my MME AWD EXTD range in March, just built and scheduled for delivery end of October (I hope). On receiving the factory spec sheet for my vehicle I noticed that it said "LESS Garage Opener". Wasn't advised about when I purchased and believe that it is part of the US specs...