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  1. Peugfan

    Battery tech progressing at a rapid pace

    Do you have a camel kidney/bladder transplant? They recycle much of the bad stuff.
  2. Peugfan

    Correct Plugshare Filters to Use with New Tesla Adapter

    You can also select >=165kW which will also locate some 180 kW CCS/SAE chargers and select Tesla fast so you will get V3 but not V2 which are all 150.
  3. Peugfan

    Have Plug-In now... convert to Hardwired?

    OP: So you don't have an EV yet and you have a NEMA-6-50 in your garage? Since the Ford mobile charger has a NEMA 14-50 plug, I would just change the plug to a NEMA 14-50, one of those industrial rated brands as you already have wiring suitable for a 50 amp circuit. Then buy a 40 amp EVSE...
  4. Peugfan

    Unsolicited review posted on my windshield

    I had the same Ferrari response in the early days in 2021. I responded that they at least both have horse symbols. There was also a well informed elderly lady who responded, “Is that one of those electric Mustangs?”
  5. Peugfan

    Can the next generation Mach-E please include more buttons?

    Buttons are fine. I like the nice clean look of no handles…only problem is newbie passengers are looking for door handles.
  6. Peugfan

    Can the next generation Mach-E please include more buttons?

    Your temperature change button will change the heat output temp in 1/2 sec…lol
  7. Peugfan

    2023.5+ Cooling System Redesign and Larger 7 kW Heater

    So Tesla has the Octovalve, but Ford has the Pentavalve! Great work as always Mach-Lee.
  8. Peugfan

    Tesla vs Electrify America vs EVgo - Plug & Charge test! Who's fastest?

    Yes, EVGo Autocharge+ is great. It's been months since I used it but just plug in and you are charging. While you don't need the EVGo app to initiate I seem to remember the app giving you a charge curve of KW rate vs time.
  9. Peugfan

    Love my MachE and now a rant

    Bet you didn't plan your trip through SD, ND or eastern MT. When you have a specific route to drive you have fewer options for charging. Tesla network addition will be a game changer. There have been EV’s towed from Murdo, SD to Wall, SD when the ONE fast charger at Murdo was down. The...
  10. Peugfan

    Love my MachE and now a rant

    The route from Colombia to Memphis should be more doable once you get the Tesla adapter, but the stretch south of Cape Girardeau still looks iffy for a std range battery. Plugging in to ABPR shows Tesla Superchargers at St Louis and near Cape Girardeau but you likely need a working charger...
  11. Peugfan

    Tesla Membership (Buy down on kw price)

    It should show in the FP both EA and Tesla network with a check mark to indicate it is active if you have the Plug and charge switch turned on. Mine showed up within 24 hrs of the OTA update.
  12. Peugfan

    PNW adapter orders

    I received the Supercharger OTA at 7pm today. Just checked 2 hrs later and FP shows Tesla plug and charge active. Did you update fp to 4.33.0?
  13. Peugfan

    URGENT: plug stuck at fast charger

    Hit UNLOCK button on the FOB 3 times (if you have your FOB). Probably won't work, but it worked on an ID.4 at EA when I was there. The owner called EA out of desperation and was given those instructions. Worked on that car and the owner was happy.
  14. Peugfan

    Supercharger Update

    There are 120 million households in the US. 30% of them are multi-family dwellings of which 75% own at least one vehicle. So that is around 27 million vehicles minimum. I'm speculating that most do not currently have Level 2 charging at their household. Where are they supposed to charge...
  15. Peugfan

    Battery Confusion - How Much Battery Did I Use?

    Fatal error in your range calculation. Range meter is not range travelled. It is an estimate of your future range at one point in time. The item that is most a accurate is your odometer mileage. Maybe the % Battery is the next most accurate. Hopefully the mi/kwh for the trip is...
  16. Peugfan

    Curious how many people have only fast charging as an option like me.

    I'm interested if you know how the Xcel Energy program works if you have an attached garage with your breaker panel in the garage and your 2nd line comes in via a meter collar attachment to your main meter. I am also an Xcel Energy customer. If I understand it correctly this would allow Xcel...
  17. Peugfan

    60 Amp or 50 Amp Circuit for Tesla Universal Home Charger???

    Lowes (some stores stock it). It's only $10 a foot. It will be difficult routing it around bends. #6 Romex is bad enough.
  18. Peugfan

    You can't road-trip in an EV...hold my beer

    Yes, good suggestion but define winter. Would that be winter in Florida or winter in Alaska. Some would still say, Ford said I could go xxx miles in winter…they are lying. 😀
  19. Peugfan

    EV Charger Risks: Home Charging Installation Risks and Advice [by Munro Live]

    Yes, a good suggestion. I did use dielectric grease on my self-installed connections on my 50 amp EVSE circuit to the NEMA 14-50 plug. I also put a thin coating on the JuiceBox 40 plug blades. I checked the temp of the connections recently and everthing is “cool”.
  20. Peugfan

    Use included Ford Mobile Power Cord as long term Level 2 Charger?

    Your own link says that 60% of the time the GFCI does not work properly.