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  1. Thanks Ford! My NACS adapter apparently comes with complimentary 250kWh of fast charging + 22,000 points

    My 2021 MME came with the 250kWh of complimentary fast charging via the BlueOval network when I first got the car, which I used up. When I went to reserve the NACS adapter yesterday, it said I had to first register with the BlueOval network. I was surprised, as I was already registered. I got...
  2. Fisker Oceans Are Falling Apart In Their Owners' Hands

    Yes, the MME may not be 100% perfect, but reading this (or anything about a VinFast) may just make you appreciate it a bit more.
  3. AWD TEMPORARILY DISABLED warning - HVBJB related?

    I got this warning after driving up a mountain pass I regularly travel at a good clip for about 5 minutes. The peak elevation is about 1000 feet. I had the HVBJB recall performed last week at Galpin Ford. My immediate assumption was that it was a thermal issue, so I slowed down and a few...
  4. Does Windex Original (with ammonia) harm the window tint?

    The new issue of Consumer Reports has an article about the best glass cleaners, and says the following about the original formula of Windex: "Because it has ammonia in its formula, it should not be used on tinted windows or other surfaces that can be damaged by ammonia". I've never heard this...
  5. Key Battery Low Replace Soon - WTF?

    Why (how) am I getting that message repeatedly on the driver's display if I only use PAAK and the fob is nowhere near the car?
  6. Vista Ford bungles PAAK repair - a 7 week ordeal

    Like many others reported here, my phone-as-a-key stopped functioning several months ago after an OTA update. Although I bought my MME from Galpin Ford, the largest Ford dealer in the world, 7 weeks ago I decided to take the car into Vista Ford in Woodland Hills, CA because it's closer. That...
  7. How crazy would it be to mount a vinyl license plate here?

    After a year and a half, I finally got a fixit ticket for not having a front plate. I told myself I'd wait until that happened to actually put one up. The most unobtrusive placement imho is in the black grill portion. From what I've read, vinyl wraps don't interfere with any sensors. I'm...
  8. Dealer service can't seem to get any response from Ford

    I brought my '21 Job 2 Premium AWD to Vista Ford in Woodland Hills (Los Angeles) two days ago for the following: • FordPass doesn't show correct SOC • FordPass doesn't correctly show when car is being charged • PAAK unreliable after OTA update; after a reset, it can't be set up again • Walk...
  9. FordPass Power-Up "Update Details" button does nothing

    The Power-Up notifications in the FordPass app don't say what version has been installed; they only say: "Want to know what changes we made? Just click below." For the past couple of updates, clicking on "Update Details" does nothing. 🤬
  10. New Study: How Long Do Electric Car Batteries Last?

    Study takeaways by Recurrent's team of battery scientists: Battery replacements are quite rare. In our community of 15,000 cars, only 1.5% have been replaced (outside of big recalls like Chevy Bolt). Degradation is not linear. We're including battery degradation curves that illustrate how well...
  11. Open House at Munro & Associates 11/29/22 - Exclusive access to Mach-E & Lightning

    Open House at Munro & Associates on November 29th from 12:00pm - 4:00pm! Exclusive access to the Ford F150 Lightning and Mustang Mach-E. $195 per person. Register NOW by emailing us at [email protected]!
  12. Consumer Reports: Mach-E vs. Kia EV6
  13. The latest Tesla feature that MME's don't get to have
  14. Why it takes so long to roll out the 22S41/BECM OTA recall update

    I'm planning a road trip next week and didn't want to wait any longer to get the update, so I had the 22S41 and BECM updates performed at the dealer today. I asked why it's taking so long to roll it out OTA, and the service manager explained that it's due to a limitation of server capacity on...
  15. Can't search for certain words in the owner's manual - or on this forum!

    My door open chime was going off incessantly, even when parked and off (I've since discovered on the forum that it was because the headlight switch got turned to "on" from "auto", probably at the car wash). I searched on the in-car owner's manual for the word "ajar", and it shows no entries...
  16. Yet another pedestrian killed by a Tesla
  17. Two bell dings (alerts) when starting

    Every time I start up now for the past week or so, for some reason I'm getting a "ding ding" alert. Nothing appears on the displays. Anyone know what that means?