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  1. TheSteelRider

    Watch! Interview: MME Chief Engineer Donna Dickson

    #1 is almost assuredly a completely stand-alone team from the rest of the Ford teams. In other words, modifying an icon on the sync screen has literally no tie-in to the rest of the vehicle. Yes, we got the sync updates "quickly" because it is a dedicated team that can monkey with Sync all day...
  2. TheSteelRider

    Watch! Interview: MME Chief Engineer Donna Dickson

    I think I'm not holding my breath. For us '21-job-1'ers, we've been through a LOT of consternation about OTAs bringing in things. 3 years for a frunk button is a good example. I know, I know, people will say, "but they did it though" ... yeah ... *3 years later*. meaning, if they bring in...
  3. TheSteelRider

    4/29/2024 🤞

    10 more days ... 4/29 will be here ... soon (tm)
  4. TheSteelRider

    Should we assume 23.0 won't get a bluecruise update?

    You are in luck! Ford announced that BlueCruise 1.3 is being delivered ... and faster than they expected!!!! Feel free to add your thoughts to the announcement thread!
  5. TheSteelRider

    Introducing the 2024 Mustang Mach-E Lineup

    That bronze package is awesome! Nice to see incremental range / charging / performance improvements just 3 years into the cycle.
  6. TheSteelRider

    4/29/2024 🤞

    sorry to hear that, must suck to only be able to only utter a few words. I hope your condition improves and you can say other things "soon" ;).
  7. TheSteelRider

    Ford to delay all-electric suv!

    You forgot, "And never actually plug it in"
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    Mach-E March 2024 & Q1 Results: 77% Increase YTD / 438% Increase YoY for March

    Stop with the common-sense about basic supply vs. demand and how consumers factor in total cost into buying decisions! The FUD says nobody wants EVs at any price, and car makers are all going to go out of business and the world will end in fire an brimstone because Greta Thunberg's brain will...
  9. TheSteelRider

    Software Update 6.14 Rolling Out to Mustang Mach-E

    Actually, methinks you have just been lucky for 2 years and are now experiencing other's normal daily experience :) I mean, compared to other systems, I'm pleasantly surprised how well it works, but it's had gremlins from day 1 and LOVES to give me a random wipe or two here and there "Just because"
  10. TheSteelRider

    Very positive long-term Mach-E ownership review by Edmunds

    Very reasonable review. Weird extreme door handle hate, reminds me of the start button nonsense in the early days of this forum
  11. TheSteelRider

    A New Hope? The Story Continues.

    My personal goal is to get this thread to a minimum of 378 posts so the number of posts match the amount of cubic inches in my weekend car. Yes, I know that is random. A random goal for a thread with random musings. Seems fitting.
  12. TheSteelRider

    A New Hope? The Story Continues.

    Ok, nobody disputed whether the tax credit was refundable or not, so it isn't clear why this is getting your goat. @Mach1E was commenting on this screenshot that you posted: And he was opining that it is fools folly to conflate 'deduction' with 'credit'. See, no talk about refundable vs...
  13. TheSteelRider

    Mach-E vs. 2023 Fisker Ocean - design, specs, price

    I hear you, and THAT is no joke
  14. TheSteelRider

    Mach-E vs. 2023 Fisker Ocean - design, specs, price

    Yeah Fisker didn't really have IP of their own, apparently the vehicle was built by Magna, so what would Nissan really have been investing in? Nissan probably had no interest in investing in what is essentially Magna IP. Instead, they would be better off from a business standpoint letting...
  15. TheSteelRider

    A New Hope? The Story Continues.

    Combined with the rest of the thread, sure does make you wonder whether there really even is a Mach E or any EV involved at all or whether the "smoke and mirrors" comment was just projecting.
  16. TheSteelRider

    A New Hope? The Story Continues.

    A lot of people have (see We are still unflinchingly attempting to help you, but I fear that the attempts will fail. I challenge you to accept the help that is being offered. If you...