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  1. HondaRacer

    Ford: When to expect your Tesla P&C OTA [Munro Live: Using the Ford Fast Charging Adapter]

    Ford says the vast majority of owners can expect the Supercharger OTA before you receive your adapter. So… between now and sometime this summer maybe. I love my MachE, but Ford’s OTA process is painful. And not just for this update, but 6.x, the priority updates, blue cruise, etc… If an update...
  2. HondaRacer

    Odd looking Mach E in Ford testing

    Apparently taken at Ford’s proving grounds where they are studying the cybertruck. The tall Mach E doesn’t appear to just be lifted, but the lower portion of the car is extended downward. Larger battery pack?
  3. HondaRacer

    Out of Spec interview with Ford Manager of Public Charging

    Some good info here on the Tesla adapter itself and the Supercharger rollout.
  4. HondaRacer

    Lane change assist stopped working

    I had my 23 GT at a body shop for about 4 weeks after hitting a deer on the highway. Surprisingly minor damage to the front end and driver’s side. Mostly cosmetic but damaged nonetheless. The front fender area and headlights were completely replaced with new parts. I’ve had the car back for...
  5. HondaRacer

    Creaking from driver door area

    Has anyone else noticed this issue? The car is quiet on straightaways but during sharp turns or driving over road imperfections, I notice a lot of creaking/groaning from the driver door area. I’ve had the vehicle (2023 GT) for about 7 months and have only really noticed this in the past month or...
  6. HondaRacer

    2023 OTA version

    Is the latest update for 2023 models? I see all the posts about 4.2.3 and 4.2.4 but haven’t received them myself. It seems like 2023 is still on a different update track.
  7. HondaRacer

    Jim Farley discusses Ford’s electric future

    Nice little interview with Jim Farley here where he comments on Ford’s future plans regarding Blue Oval City, EV production, battery production, the IRA tax credit, and the upcoming T3 truck.
  8. HondaRacer

    How do I know OTA was installed?

    Forgive the newbie question. I have a 2023 GT and according to FordPass, the update to 4.2.1 was successful. However, there was no message in the car. I still show 22280_Product and Revision 592. Update Details in the car shows no updates available. How can I confirm that 4.2.1 was installed?
  9. HondaRacer

    A mile of extra wire Sounds like Ford is learning some important lessons to apply to the next generation MME.
  10. HondaRacer

    Official: Ford cuts 2023 Mach-E pricing 🔻 and increasing production 🔺!

    Press Release: FORD TO SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASE PRODUCTION OF MUSTANG MACH-E IN 2023, REDUCES PRICES ACROSS THE BOARD JAN 30, 2023 | DEARBORN DEARBORN, Mich., Jan. 30, 2023 – With its new EV supply chain coming online, Ford is significantly increasing production of the Mustang Mach-E this year...
  11. HondaRacer

    SVS and loud fan noise

    This happened immediately upon starting the car and shortly after level 2 charging at home in my garage. Quite a loud fan noise like someone holding a playing card inside a box fan. Definitely abnormal like nothing I’ve heard before. I’m used to the more quiet hums and noises the car makes. It...
  12. HondaRacer

    Aero cover efficiency

    Can anybody who’s done an aero cover delete on the GT flower petal wheels comment on what effect it’s had on efficiency? I’d love to get rid of them but with my commute I need all the range I can get. Thanks.
  13. HondaRacer

    Random Deep Sleep

    My 2 week old MME went into deep sleep last night according to the app. I decided to let it be and check again this morning - still in deep sleep mode. But I started it up and took the kids to school with no issues and no warnings/alerts. I understand this can be due to a low LVB. But I thought...
  14. HondaRacer

    FordPass would like to use Bluetooth for new connections

    Does anyone know why I’m constantly getting this message on iPhone? Everything is set up and working properly with PAAK and CarPlay etc.. but I’m getting this alert several times a day, sometimes when I open FordPass but also randomly. I ignore the alert and everything works just fine. Under...
  15. HondaRacer

    10.5KW AC Onboard Charger

    I just noticed my window sticker states “10.5KW AC ONBOARD CHARGER.” I’m just curious. If the vehicle is capable of charging at 48 amps, it should be charging at 11.5KW (48A x 240V). A 10.5KW charger would only allow 43 amps. I’m using a Chargepoint home hardwired to a 60 amp breaker and it’s...
  16. HondaRacer

    Is a screen protector really necessary?

    I’ve seen the ads for screen protectors suggesting you’ll end up with fine scratches on the glass screen from cleaning. Is this actually a problem? Anyone who’s watched a JerryRigEverything video knows that glass scratches around a level 6 on the scale of hardness. No way that’s going to happen...
  17. HondaRacer

    Loose door trim panel

    I picked up my new GT on Thursday in the dark and rain, so didn’t get a chance to look real closely before I took it home. Over the weekend I found this plastic trim on the bottom of driver’s door is popped out of position slightly. I pushed on it but can not get it to sit flush. Almost seems...
  18. HondaRacer

    Charging - daily or not?

    This is a theoretical question about what’s best for the chemistry of the lithium battery packs. Let’s just say that most people should plug in when they need to and not worry about the little things. That said, in theory which charging routine is better for the battery? Assume a driver uses...