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  1. GrisGris

    Latest Update 23-PU1103-Nat-VCE

    Fortunately, you'll often have an audio cue as a reminder in the form of AM radio static!
  2. GrisGris

    Ford Options Contract-End Information

    Correct. See the discussion here. I believe mine (in FL) would be at a new rate as well.
  3. GrisGris

    Thoughts on Power-Up 7.0.0 ?!

    Does mean the naysayers were correct about us not getting 1.3... 😉
  4. GrisGris

    iOS 17 issues with CarPlay?

    Yes, it's been a good while, so I couldn't remember exactly when that behavior began. I'll try using just the top button. Thanks for that tip.
  5. GrisGris

    iOS 17 issues with CarPlay?

    I've been on the beta since the first dev release so now I cannot remember the exact timing, but at some point Carplay starting taking me to the contacts screen every time I switch back to Carplay from some other function, like radio, instead of going back to whatever Carplay screen I had active...
  6. GrisGris

    “Drive Mode not available”

    Hmm...this just happened to me for the first time today on a short return trip home, so I found this thread (which I admittedly have not fully read yet). Hopefully it is indeed just an update issue that will resolve itself.
  7. GrisGris

    Sunglass compartment BROKEN

    My second replacement has been holding up fine. I'm just very gentle about opening or closing it out of fear of needing a third.
  8. GrisGris

    Ford Power-Up 4.2.2

    Not sure about this. My car was sitting in the dealer's garage since Thursday, and over the weekend (body repair and no one moved it) and was updated this (Monday) morning to 4.2.2. Didn't see that coming.
  9. GrisGris

    Post here if you have an active FDRS account and are willing to look up info for others

    Hi guys. It's that time again. No updates since October and I need to go in for my 10k so I may as well have them do anything available. VIN is FMTK3SU9MMA28015 Thanks!
  10. GrisGris

    TSB 23-2040 - Various Driver Assistance Feature Concerns And/Or Various IPMA DTCs

    D'oh! I just got the car back from the dealer last week for this issue (pre-collision assist/front camera error). They thought it may have been something they did when they replaced the front bumper (loose sign on the interstate damaged it). They couldn't find anything wrong and replaced the...
  11. GrisGris

    If you want your Mach-E to get OTA updates - the SOC of the 12V (LVB) must be at least 80-85%

    Yes, I'm supposedly EA and still on 3.6.2 as well (which, together with .1 only just happened for me at the end of January). I don't think I've ever received an OTA update early, actually.
  12. GrisGris

    New (still in box) genuine Ford Mach-E Car Cover for sale

    Wow, this cover is well over $400 these days! Guess I'll look for a third party solution. That's nuts. And I charge at work so I don't need the ventilation feature for charging (good idea though!).
  13. GrisGris

    Sunglass compartment BROKEN

    Since the last replacement, I've taken to very gingerly closing and opening it, and it has held up thus far. I'd simply avoid closing it if my sunglasses didn't fly to the back when I punch it!
  14. GrisGris

    FordPass - Scriptable Widget V2022.XX (iOS, iPad, MacOS)

    That would explain why I was getting the account locked emails while trying to use this script, without any obvious ramifications until much later (PaaK not working anymore). So I must be on a countdown again until I have to call Ford. Ugh. Guess I'm done trying to get this script to work. It...
  15. GrisGris

    FordPass - Scriptable Widget V2022.XX (iOS, iPad, MacOS)

    Haha...let me know if you find a helmet BOGO. Mine hasn't worked for months per my prior posts. I've given up as well.
  16. GrisGris

    Wired Carplay Auto-Connection Issue

    Well, this morning things went exactly as I had hoped. I plugged in my phone without worrying about where it was in terms of starting up, and it connected to Airplay on its own just fine. I was quite excited. And then it was the end of the day, and time to drive home. Same old issue. Darn!
  17. GrisGris

    Wired Carplay Auto-Connection Issue

    Don't laugh, but I was looking for such buttons on my screen, but quickly realized you meant the steering wheel. Did that and turned off the car, got out, and locked it. Then got right back in and went through my typical ramp up and it connected automatically after it was already connected to...