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  1. sockmeister

    Acidic bird poop dissolved paint!

    Well, I'm a tad bit PO'd. I came back from a weeklong trip, with the Mach-E sitting at home in the driveway for the duration. When I arrived home, I was "pleased" to see that a dear resident bird had taken the opportunity cover the Mach-E in nice big splotchy presents for me. How thoughtful...
  2. sockmeister

    Pennsylvania Set of 4 OEM Carpet Floor Mats -- free for members (you pay shipping)

    If anyone lost/damaged theirs, or is otherwise seeking a set of the OEM carpet floor mats, PM me or respond here if you'd like my set. These were lightly used for about 3 weeks. No stains or spills; I have them vacuumed. Asking only for members to pay the cost of shipping to you. (You can also...
  3. sockmeister

    First look at Ford Diagnostic and Repair System on Mach-E

    This gentleman has a few other Mach-E videos I've seen, but this is the first one which, if you're a nerd like me, you'll be quite interested in. He shows us a quick look at the FDRS when it's connected to the Mach-E, from which a user could do some advanced diagnostics, such as checking each...
  4. sockmeister

    Order status page - confusing updates

    I happened to check on my order status out of curiosity, and when I logged in, I noticed there'd been some updates recently to this page. Can anyone explain why there is conflicting information between the top status tracker (which still says "Place Order" and doesn't have a checkmark), and the...
  5. sockmeister

    A Tesla Superfan point of view

    Not me. But this reddit thread is very cringe worthy. Warning: Put on your Tesla goggles before reading the comments OR the article about the "lackluster" mach-e.
  6. sockmeister

    Wireless Android Auto / Apple Carplay image (Google Maps)

    Recently, I had the opportunity to check out the Mach-E at the Road Tour, like many of you have. One feature that I couldn't find many pictures of on this forum are of active Android Auto and Apple Carplay running on the Sync 4A system, so I figured I'd try it out while at the tour, and grab a...