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  1. Fast Charger Pre-Conditioning not recommended?

    I asked the "EV Experts" if I route to a fast charger via CarPlay will the car pre-condition the battery now that the distance to the destination shows in the instrument panel. This was their response. Thoughts? PS. Not concerned with the no it doesn't, it's what I expected. But I was...
  2. What have you 3d Printed?

    Just got a new Bambu Labs P1S and I dont know what to make. Anyone print anything good for their Mach-E?
  3. My Open Letter to Ford

    @Ford Motor Company , I am writing to express my disappointment and frustration regarding the lack of updates and communication surrounding the BlueCruise feature in my Ford Mustang Mach-E. As a loyal Ford customer, I have eagerly awaited the promised updates to this technology, which were...
  4. Do CSPs ever go away?

    I have these two CSPs that say they should be OTA. Do they go away when the car gets it and I just haven't gotten them? I have had the car for about a year and they have been there as long as I can remember. Should I take it in or just wait?
  5. Did some "Off-Roading"

    Went to check out JW Corbett Wildlife Management Area. Roads were a little rougher than we are usually used too. Good to know the Mach-E handled it like a champ.
  6. Other factory door code locations

    I know the factory door code is on the Owners card (which I keep in the safe inside my house) but I just learned that on the F-150/F-250 the code is also on the back of the fuse box. Anyone know if the code is hidden anywhere else on the Mach-E? Edit: Nevermind, I just found it. There is a...
  7. LESS range anxiety with my Mach-E

    Anyone else feel like they care less about how far a trip is since going EV? I had a V8 Mustang before this and I remember when I would think about how a 40 Mile trip is like $10 in gas and dread going versus now I don't really care since I just charge at home all the time.
  8. Where is the best place to get parts?

    Had an altercation with a plastic pole on the highway last week and need to replace a few parts. Does anyone have a recommendation on the best place to go for parts? Managed to buff most of the damage out but the wheel arch molding was nowhere to be found :( I was gonna order from...
  9. Do the map lights use a bulb?

    Can you replace the map lights or does it use built-in LEDs? I was trying to take it apart to see but it doesn't seem to just pop out, at least not easily so I figured I would see if anyone here knew before I broke something.
  10. Add external speaker

    I want to add an external speaker to my Mach-E, Whelen makes a mount for the car but I can't find anywhere that talks about the install. Anyone know where this mount is supposed to goor know of a semi-simple place to get to and mount one...
  11. Hotspot and Ford Streaming

    If I sign up for the AT&T hotspot, Do I also need to get the Ford streaming subscription or will the hotspot also provide internet access to the Sync features like music streaming and Alexa?
  12. Anywhere under the hood I can use to pull a 12V power source that turns on and off with the vehicle?

    Is there anywhere under the hood I can use to pull a 12V power source that turns on and off with the vehicle? I would like to avoid going though the firewall.
  13. Anyone in south Florida had TSB 22-2494 done to fix bluecruise?

    I have gotten the run around and conflicting information from Ford and my local dealers about what actually needs to be done. Anyone know a dealership that can actually take care of this and know what is going on? I picked up the car a few days ago and the maps are expired. There is a post about...