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  1. Phone -- Profile Alignment

    Anyone have a link (or just plain explanation) on how to associate phones to profiles within the MachE? I had turned off walk away because every time I came back and the car saw my phone it thinks that I am my bride that has a quite a bit different profile than I do. I am not seeing any obvious...
  2. Preconditioning with Apple Maps

    Looking for confirmation here, but I'm assuming that Apple Maps doesn't integrate to trigger preconditioning for fast charging when going to the chargers? Any other tricks or just keep using Ford Maps for the trips that will require charging?
  3. Wifi Connectivity - While Off

    I'm a newer Mach-E owner at this point (3 weeks) coming from a Tesla. I'm loving the choice to come to this platform. Two questions that I have around connectivity. I'm watching my wifi network, and when I have the car off, it does not join the network. Is there some method that I should...