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  1. silverelan

    Watch! Interview: MME Chief Engineer Donna Dickson

    What do you wish @OutofSpecKyle and the Batteries Included Podcast team ask Donna? edit: thread title change
  2. silverelan

    Out of Spec discusses 2024 Mach-E Updates / Refresh

    @OutofSpecKyle talks with Francie on the podcast to discuss all the changes.
  3. silverelan

    Where are the 2024 GTs?

    I checked but haven’t seen any 2024 MME GTs. Anyone have an idea on where they are? It’s also odd to me that doesn’t show any 2024 MMEs at all.
  4. silverelan

    Ultium EVgo Now Open in Ellensburg, WA!!

    The Pilot Travel Center in Ellensburg has come online! It's a split 350kW two-charger setup with dual cables capable of simultaneous charging. This is huge news if you have ever dealt with the clown show that is the Taco Bell Electrify America...
  5. silverelan

    Edmunds Massive Charging Comparison - MME is second to last.

    Edmunds did a comprehensive charging speed test on dozens of EVs in the US market. Out of 43 tested vehicles the MME 4X and GTPE came in #40 and #41, respectively. Only the Bolt EV and EUV were slower to add miles.
  6. silverelan

    Rain Sensing wipers don’t work

    Anybody else notice their rain sensing wipers not working anymore?
  7. silverelan

    Ford teases new Mustang Mach-E trim coming? Rally version?

    Looks like Ford will be introducing a new trim level at Goodwood. Maybe the long rumored Dark Horse?
  8. silverelan

    EA station issues - Ellensburg + Yakima

    Heads up to anybody traveling through central Washington. Looks like Ellensburg EA station has 2/4 working chargers. I’m seeing reports of cars waiting to charge. Yakima Walmart is getting its parking lot repaved and they’re closing the EA station while the work is ongoing beginning on 29...
  9. silverelan

    OutofSpec - BlueCruise 1.2 testing in progress

    @OutofSpecKyle just picked up a MME GT with BlueCruise 1.2 to do some evaluation testing and of course race it against an EV6 GT.
  10. silverelan

    PSA: I-90 EA stations are down between Seattle - Spokane

    The Electrify America stations in Ellensburg and Ritzville along I-90 are down. No ETA on when they’ll be back up. Ellensburg is getting new chargers and Ritzville is getting new canopies.
  11. silverelan

    No more OTA performance or battery improvements?

    I was hoping by now we'd have seen some performance upgrades and maybe a few minutes shaved off the 80% charging times but so far nothing. Is anybody else wondering if Ford has orphaned the MME drivetrain hardware & battery pack so that all the vehicles prior to the eventual mid-cycle refresh...
  12. silverelan

    DCFC in America - it’s falling apart

    @OutofSpecKyle put together a terrific piece on WTF is going on with American CCS charging infrastructure.
  13. silverelan

    Preview Look at Tesla Supercharger US Membership App Screen for Non-Tesla EV Owners

    Tesla unveiled (leaked?) on their app that they’re going to offer charging for non-Tesla EVs at a monthly subscription fee of $0.99/mo. I took some screenshots which I’ve included below. A map search just shows a bank of Gen 3 HPWCs in California available so far but zero CCS Superchargers.
  14. silverelan

    Tacoma Grabber Blue GT photo bomb

    I was watching a news clip and one of you guys had to photo bomb the reporter. Who's gonna fess up?
  15. silverelan

    WA DOT looking for DCFC suggestions

    Hey PNW Mach-E owners! WSDOT is soliciting the public to get input on where to place new stations and what type of amenities are important. Take a few moments to fill out the survey and either upvote station suggestions or add your own. Thanks...
  16. silverelan

    Mustang Mach-E GT Range Test

    This is the first range test I’ve seen of the the MME GT. Spoiler alert - 297 miles at freeway speed including 10 miles past 0%.
  17. silverelan

    8 New Charging Stations - White Pass Scenic Byway

    Press Release Energy Northwest leading the charge with network of new EV charging stations RICHLAND, Wash. – Electric vehicle drivers in Washington will soon have eight more options for charging their rides along U.S. Route 12. Construction is set to begin on new stations along the White...
  18. silverelan

    Charging Station Congestion

    Big waits and long queues. This is already happening at Tesla Superchargers. Are people seeing this at EA and EVgo? I was at an EA station on Friday with a Bolt EV charging up when I got there and then two EV6s pulled up.
  19. silverelan

    Service Loaners in Seattle area?

    Anyone know if any local/regional Ford dealers do service loaners?