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  1. timbop

    Replacing both overpass sections on I-95: 3 weeks. Widening a 5 mile stretch of GSP: going on 3 years

    I get that the I-95 bridge replacement is crucial infrastructure, but how in the name of all that is holy can it take more than 2 years to widen a 5 mile stretch of the Garden State Parkway? I have driven the section between Exit 35 (Egg Harbor Township) and exit 30 (Ocean city Exit) a lot over...
  2. timbop

    Well this is encouraging: much longer cable in Tesla V4 superchargers

    Inside EVs has posted a story about the first V4 stations being open, and it looks like there is a lot more slack in the cable and the connection point to the charger is in the middle of the space - so charging non-teslas might be much more practical assuming they can add a magic dock to the V4s...
  3. timbop

    Kudos to Holman Ford in Maple Shade NJ

    I took Scarlett in last week for the windshield and roof recalls, as well as getting some software updates. I've been looking for a good service department on the Jersey side of the greater Philly metroplex. I've tried a couple of dealers before Holman and was generally underwhelmed - Miller...
  4. timbop

    Looking for glass recall recommendations in Cherry Hill NJ area

    If anyone in the Cherry hill area has had the glass recalls done and was happy with the service, I'd love to hear about it. I was thinking Holman in Maple Shade or Miller in Mt Holly but any recommendations in the area are appreciated! Thanks!
  5. timbop

    EVGO: Per-KWH TOU rates for AZ, CA, NJ, OH, PA & UT

    The good news is that EVgo now has per-kwh charging in NJ. The bad news is that they have also introduced time-of-use charging. Applies to NJ, AZ, CA, OH, PA and UT. They also bumped the membership fees...
  6. timbop

    University of Michigan: USPS study was erroneously skewed against BEVs
  7. timbop

    For those that know: is the grille camera only for 360 view, or does BC use it too?

    I had a weird experience wherein handsfree bluecruise refused to engage, but hands-on auto lane centering with ACC worked just fine. This is on exactly the same roads on which handsfree BC worked like a champ even in soupy fog the week before. I tried cleaning the windshield in front of the...
  8. timbop

    Bluecruise balked at the Jersey sunshine

    A week ago I posted praise for how well Bluecruise (handsfree) did in the Jersey fog (here). Well, this past weekend I was driving on EXACTLY the same roads at almost exactly the same time and BC refused to engage handsfree on a perfect clear day. The ACC and lane centering were fine, but I had...
  9. timbop

    BlueCruise impressive in the Jersey Shore fog

    I was happily blue-cruising along the Garden State Parkway Saturday evening on my way down to Wildwood Crest. We ran into fog that got pretty dense in spots; the picture doesn't do the conditions justice as the phone probably cranked up the contrast to minimize the fog. Other than the time it...
  10. timbop

    C'mon Dodge

    Their big "innovation" with EV's is to once again trot out a concept car they never intend to build, but with a different paint job: Yeah, you clowns are going away sooner than you think...
  11. timbop

    EA Cycle 3 Plans (January 2022 to July 2023)

    It looks like EA is going to try to plug some of the charging deserts in the upper midwest. From their "our plan" tab on the website the cycle 3 investment plan has the following tables/diagrams highlighting the routes they plan to try to fill in: And some "community" metropolitan areas:
  12. timbop

    Tutorial: Road Trip Planning with ABRP (

    The attached PDF is a tutorial I put together that might prove useful to ABRP/road tripping newbies and veterans alike. It is based on extensive time wasted spent planning a 1600 mile trip I took in September. While the UI is generally intuitive I did find some "quirks" in the web app, and I...
  13. timbop

    Question on electronic frunk release

    question on the electronic Frunk release: did ford add a key combination on the keypad to open the frunk? I know it was mentioned early on, but I don't think they actually implemented it that way. It would be so much more useful than having to dig out my phone, open the app, and hit the frunk...
  14. timbop

    Premiums and Route 1's and FE's oh my!

    .. or "three Mach E's pull into a Sam's Club..." <insert bad joke here> I meant to include this when I took it on Oct 2nd, but I thought it was pretty nice that 3 different models were all charging happily together. Or more correctly that all three stations were working properly :) . It's since...
  15. timbop

    Scarlett the road warrior - with scars to prove it

    tl;dr version/highlights: Drove 1580 miles from NJ -> Atlanta -> Port Canaveral -> Sanford FL (train to Lorton VA) -> NJ, with overall efficiency of 3.3 mi/kwh. The reason for the trip was to hit the georgia aquarium to swim with the whale sharks and to catch a cruise out of port canaveral. We...
  16. timbop

    EA/ABRP trip report

    After a 4 day 1300 mile road trip from NJ to Port Canaveral via Atlanta, I figured I would share some of my results on ABRP accuracy and Electrify America reliability. It won't be a long report as we're about to set sail, but in brief: ABRP: after changing the "base" mi/kwh to 3.4 and setting...
  17. timbop

    It doesn't take an ICE to "ICE" a charger (or: "why people hate Tesla owners")

    I stopped by Walmart with EA chargers to fill up after our day trip to the shore, and met 2 other happy Mach E owners also taking advantage of the free weekend. That was the good part. Just as I was unplugging my car a Tesla bro (complete with Tesla t-shirt) pulls into the stall next to me. I...
  18. timbop

    @outofspeckyle does a range test on the Route 1 Unfortunately @OutofSpecKyle didn't realize he hit the bug with the mi/kwh being "stuck" after the reset, which is a bummer because he was so excited about the efficiency of the route 1. He actually got about 3.26 mi/kwh (287...
  19. timbop

    Mach E sales still going strong in Norway - #1 again in July

    This has probably been posted in the "Norway" thread, but I figured it was worth posting on its own. Mach E sales are still going strong in Norway, and more importantly ICE cars are not.
  20. timbop

    Route 1 wheels without Aero Covers - the finished look with center caps installed

    After an exhausting day of yard work I checked the mail, and lo and behold my center caps finally arrived. Scarlett needs a bath but I really love how the covers look, so here she is dirty and all. Oddly enough I wanted to post a link to the amazon page, but for some reason the seller and/or...