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  1. kindofblue

    Ford NACS Adapter has shipped [and NOW ARRIVING]!

    Thanks but I've not received any emails from Fedex or any from Ford other than the original email.
  2. kindofblue

    Ford NACS Adapter has shipped [and NOW ARRIVING]!

    How do you check this when you don't have a tracking number? I'm logged into my account.
  3. kindofblue

    Sound Proofing a Mach E from Road Noise

    Yup, my i4 is quieter than our MME alright.
  4. kindofblue

    NACS Adapter Now Available + Ford EV Owners Can Now Charge on Tesla Superchargers in U.S., Canada! 🙌

    You will if that EV has been accepted into Tesla's SC network. Currently only Ford and Rivian are in but BMW is in line for 2025 and others too but not sure when.
  5. kindofblue

    Sound Proofing a Mach E from Road Noise

    It's called spline material. Our local Ace Hardware sells it by the foot. Get the thinnest they've got as it comes in different diameters.
  6. kindofblue

    Front license plate for MD

    I got a for our MME
  7. kindofblue

    A2Z adapter 2 for 2

    Good idea. This way you have some leverage for inserting the tesla plug to the adapter.
  8. kindofblue

    3rd party carpet mats?

    Might you know if the 3D cargo mat fits in the lower position? Thanks.
  9. kindofblue

    $12.99 Tesla Membership - will I have to use the Tesla app instead of P&C for the discounted rate?

    That's why I just got a collapsible orange cone to put in the space to the left of the MME unless I happen to see another MME coming in.
  10. kindofblue

    Ford to delay all-electric suv!

    You might want to consider BMW's i4 EV. It's based on the 4 series BMW. We have the i4 40eDrive and the MME and I enjoy driving both of them.
  11. kindofblue

    Audio only coming through front center speaker

    After the latest update I had to reset the balance on our speakers and they've been fine ever since resetting.
  12. kindofblue

    Not All V3 Superchargers are Ford Accessible

    At you can search an area and filter the results for charging non-Tesla EVs
  13. kindofblue

    Side Mirror Wind Noise Fix

    Thanks. I wonder whether this stripping works better than a piece of window screen spline.
  14. kindofblue

    Ford to delay all-electric suv!

    We had 2 Volts and they were great around town and for short trips. Long trips? While we got 40+mpg they were gutless and the ICE was loud.
  15. kindofblue

    Charged Mach-E at Tesla Supercharger via Adapter

    A bag of frozen peas draped over the handle would also work if you've got a cooler with you on your trip. :cool:
  16. kindofblue

    500 mile Tesla SuperCharger road trip = SUCCESS

    Great suggestion. I ordered one and if I was using it would hang around and let other Ford/Rivian owners know it's available if they show up.