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  1. AhardFSU

    Tesla vs Electrify America vs EVgo - Plug & Charge test! Who's fastest?

    Patrick and Liv at Mach-E Vlog conducted a test.
  2. AhardFSU

    No Bluetooth Connectivity

    Starting this past weekend my 2022 Mach E wouldn’t connect to my IPhone XS Max. PAAK works just but the car will not connect. So to test the Bluetooth connection I tried to pair my work iPhone to the car. The car doesn’t show up as a device that can be paired when I select the Add Phone option...
  3. AhardFSU

    202 Mile Trip Riverview FL to Jacksonville FL (First Trip in 2022 Standard Range Select)

    As the title says this trip for Memorial Day weekend was my 1st trip in the Select. I bought the vehicle in March of 2022 and I’ve just been driving it to and from work 3 days a week and going to the gym and running errand. Thursday May 26 was my 1st trip in the car including DC fast charging...