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  1. 2FlyMache

    Best Tire for the Mach E?

    I just replaced my Hankook Ion with the Michelin Pilot A/S tires and was surprised at how much quieter and better ride they were over the Hankooks. Also while small sample size but my work commute has exactly same performance of approximately 19% battery usage for 47 miles of highway driving...
  2. 2FlyMache

    Power Up 6.x Poll

    My car is getting ready to download the 24-PU0121-FTDI-FX (Battery and Remote Start Enhancements now)
  3. 2FlyMache

    Gap in Roof Seal

    Per the recall instructions yes but my glass company didn’t agree with the gross misalignment so they redid it as part of the recall. Glad they did as it looks better and is super quiet
  4. 2FlyMache

    New Fordpass Beta is blank for me

    Mine did the same thing this morning, had me log in but came up with blanks. I switched back to the original and then back to beta and that seemed to work
  5. 2FlyMache

    Gap in Roof Seal

    My 21 had wind noise like you described and I had the recall done for the windshield and the roof. The glass company didn't like the way it was originally installed as it had a large gap on passenger side. The reinstalled the entire roof and wind noise was gone. Gap is now less than 1/4" at all...
  6. 2FlyMache

    HVBJB Recall - 23S56

    My dealer ordered the parts as soon as I contacted them. They received the HVBJB but still waiting on the bolts. Supposed to be here next week so I'll update if mine goes in for recall work.
  7. 2FlyMache

    Next car after Mach-E

    my selection would be an EV other than Tesla. Maybe another MachE or another brand. I am interested in EV's with higher range than 300 miles and 800 volt system
  8. 2FlyMache

    Charge Assist Poll with those with 6.7 and later

    Just started a Chat with Ford on my Ford account and they advised me to call Electrify America. Guess I'll just have to wait.
  9. 2FlyMache

    Yet another outage from Ford Pass

    Thanks, I'm working nights so just woke up to this thread. Sorry didn't see this
  10. 2FlyMache

    Puddle lights have seen better days - Am I the only one?

    Mine are still like brand new
  11. 2FlyMache

    Ist road trip, range is not off big time?

    My range in this weather in my extended range AWD driving 75 mph was 200 miles. I took a trip to Lamar MO last year in sub 25 weather in the mountains in which I had to charge around every 130 miles. My Trip to Myrtle beach last summer was 230 miles that I could get there without a charge and...
  12. 2FlyMache

    Ist road trip, range is not off big time?

    Not in half but it has been 23-28 degrees here in GA for the last week so expect 1.9 to 2.1 driving on the freeway in winter vs 2.6-2.8. If you are driving 80 mph like most Georgians do, then expect the low end. Also, your car probably hasn't learned your driving style yet so it's still using...
  13. 2FlyMache

    Charging your EV

    I installed a L2 charger at my home and in 1 year of charging is what it used to cost me in 2.5 months. I’ve taken 4 long trips in my car in almost 3 years of ownership. It costs maybe a little more using dc fast chargers but for total ownership cost it’s not close especially when you add in...
  14. 2FlyMache

    Long Term Review - Are you still happy??

    I've had my car for almost 3 years now with 61K miles and love it. All minor issues for my car has been taken care of by OTA's and FordPass updates. My recall for windshield and roof went flawlessly. I'm waiting on the HVBJB recall part to come in but so far that hasn't been an issue in my car.
  15. 2FlyMache

    Hertz To Sell 20,000 EV’s Mostly Tesla / Replace With ICE Vehicles

    I didn't mean that was the sole reason, just that they had no one who would be able to provide any details on driving an EV. If they had a MachE or EV6, I would have rented it as I know how to find chargers and don't have the extra learning curve of learning the controls on the Tesla screen. The...
  16. 2FlyMache

    Hertz To Sell 20,000 EV’s Mostly Tesla / Replace With ICE Vehicles

    They have mostly Teslas and bolts. Teslas are a little intimidating if you’ve never driven one and bolts have reputation. Match that with a desk team that knows nothing about them and they aren’t preferred. I went to Portland Maine and was offered a Tesla and turned it down because I didn’t feel...