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  1. Geographic location of most of the Mach-E's

    Another factor you need to consider is gasoline prices. Who has the highest gas prices? The West Coast followed by the Northeast. Buying an EV with a state regulated price for fuel and a more efficient power train makes more sense than in other states. Plus you need to be more willing to try...
  2. What are your "wish list" features for the perfect EV nav app?

    Have you noticed that Mach-E Nav shows gas stations but not EV chargers? That needs to change. Also, I would like Mach-E Nav to stop overriding the route I created in FordPass Trip Nav and downloaded to my car. It would help with trip planning if it would include highway speed limits plus...
  3. Spring has sprung…it’s time to let the ponies out of the barn wearing new racing stripes.

    Come on! Isn't age a matter of attitude. You are driving an "Adult Mustang" after all. There is no reason you can not show the young whippersnappers a thing or two.
  4. Spring has sprung…it’s time to let the ponies out of the barn wearing new racing stripes.

    Try white stripes. Isn't the assigned colors for Ford racing cars, like the Ford GT racing at LeMans, light blue and white?
  5. How many times do you think you can run over your ESVE cord?

    My home is older with exposed roof joists in the garage. I draped my cord over a convenient joist so it does not hang on the ground. Had a fear of tripping over the cable. After use I coil it around the hook provided with the EVSE.
  6. Unable to turn on purchased Connected Navigation

    Then try signing in with all caps. See if it makes a difference. It seems from the reports of others with sign up problems that the details matter.
  7. Unable to turn on purchased Connected Navigation

    Have you created an account at the My Ford website? If so, did you use the email address you gave your dealer as your sign in name? If you used a different email then you cannot activate Connected Services. This is resolved by signing in with the email you gave your dealer. I had this...
  8. How often do you plan on using your NACS adapter?

    Rarely, it will be good for use as a back up. Also, the opening of the Tesla network will bring more competition to the CCS market. Hopefully, it will lead to improved reliability.
  9. Hey, My Ford Pass App now has a Frunk Button - And it works!

    So is there anyway for us with 2021's, without the BCM update, to get the update?
  10. Article: "Tesla’s Sales Drop, a Sign That Its Grip on the E.V. Market Is Slipping"

    Why is it that no one mentions high interest rates? Also, no one mentions that ICE RAM 1500's, 2500's pickups, and Dodge Chargers have 330 day supply on dealer lots. Other brands have similar issues with over 100 days supply of ICE cars on their dealer lots.
  11. Indiana DOT contracts first batch of chargers

    INDOT announced today that they were finally contracting for construction of new NEVI compliant chargers. The website link for the announcement is: This is a link to the map and list of sites selected...
  12. My Ford Website sign-in issues

    Thanks, deleting the cache did not work. Using another computer did get me in. The My Ford did not have anything about the date of sending the adapter. It keep trying to sign me up for ordering one. Went back and found the verifying email and tried the link to find the date of delivery...
  13. My Ford Website sign-in issues

    Why is the My Ford Vehicle website still not loading when I try signing in? I have not been able to sign-in to the My Ford Vehicle website account since February 29th, when the Tesla adapter was announced. Has anyone been able to sign-in lately? I was only able to order my Tesla adapter...
  14. Paying Our Fair Share of Highway Taxes [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    One thing about highway gas taxes is they are hidden. Do you ever see highway gas taxes posted on your gas pump? That EV surcharge is called out in your license plate invoice so it is more obvious. Besides, given that Mach-E's weigh as much as an ICE F-150, the proper comparison for us on how...
  15. Charged Mach-E at Tesla Supercharger via Adapter

    The most recent version of FordPass (Android ver. 4.34.0) shows eligible Tesla Superchargers. Open FordPass, click Map, click Chargers, click Filters, scroll down to "Fast Charging Adapter - Hide Stations Needing Adapter" and un-click the box, click "Apply X Filters". The map will be updated...
  16. NJ to Charge $250 fee per year on EVs

    In Indiana the EV surcharge is $210. It increased this year because the gas tax increased. It is now indexed to inflation. The surcharge is supposed to reflect the average miles of travel times the average miles/gallon times the gas tax per gallon. Those of you facing an extra tax for using...
  17. Ford: When to expect your Tesla P&C OTA [Munro Live: Using the Ford Fast Charging Adapter]

    Have you tried using FordPass to make your reservation? I have not been able to even sign in to the website lately. I was able to make my reservation using FordPass.
  18. Tesla vs Electrify America vs EVgo - Plug & Charge test! Who's fastest?

    One of the advantages of Tesla opening up their network to Ford and others is it introduces competition into the CCS charging world. When you are often the only "game in town", you can afford to under fund your maintenance activities and not maintain your equipment as we have seen with EA. Now...
  19. Future Fords will have built in projectors.

    This has to be a joke. Another thing that is easily broken that most of us will not use at anytime. How many times have you charged in an enclosed space with a blank wall in front? It may entertain while camping but camping is a time to get away from all the technology. It is another useless...
  20. New NY City 500 KW chargers

    Have you seen the YouTube videos of the Kempower units? Their cables are on arms that stick up above the cabinet. They are designed to flex. Kempower is building a factory in the USA so we may start seeing them around.