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  1. Murse-In-Airy

    Scoring mark on front rotor? Normal?

    2 Problems for you here. 1st is that these car’s only use the friction brakes from about 5MPH down (one-pedal or not doesn’t matter). During normal opperation, It’s electric motor braking until it’s almost to a stop. So the rotors never get polished like on the ICE vehicles we were used to...
  2. Murse-In-Airy

    How often do you plan on using your NACS adapter?

    I’ll be using my NACS adapter almost never. Been cruising around NY (except NYC) for over 3 years. DCFCers have really proliferated in that time. And while I may have occasion to use Tesla Superchargers, I really only see one that I might need that isn’t already a MagicDock location. Even that...
  3. Murse-In-Airy

    How to make alarm STFU when changing wheels

    Not wanting the key near the car confuses me. You have to push a button in the car to “Start” it. Or long press the remote start on your phone. The key fob doesn’t have a start button. Even if the car is “started” it’s not going anywhere unless it is shifted out of park and the accelerator is...
  4. Murse-In-Airy

    Next car after Mach-E

    I figure I have another 7 years before I have to worry about it. That will make both cars 10 years old. The landscape will be totally different by then. But I am pretty sure I won’t be going back to gasoline power.
  5. Murse-In-Airy

    Brand new owner :)

    I’ve owned two of these for over 3 years now. They aren’t without their ups (no gas, fun to drive, comfortable, sexy) and downs (learning curve, occasional software glitches) but we wouldn’t trade either of ours.
  6. Murse-In-Airy

    Strange charging spikes

    Could be the battery warming/cooling itself. Could be you received an update. Could be some of the power was used for communication, bluetooth connections, the cellular modem, The sensors that are always on scanning for PAAK, and the car just wanted to recoup that.
  7. Murse-In-Airy

    Upstate New York Mach-e Crew

    Ticonderoga might not be too bad. There is DCFCing at a Mirabito (I think that’s the brand of gas station) just off the Schroon Lake exit where you get off the northway to go over to Ticonderoga. But I’d still plan extra time in case you have to wait.
  8. Murse-In-Airy

    Upstate New York Mach-e Crew

    I gotta work Monday. We’re expecting so much traffic that all medical emergencies may have to be moved by helicopter. We’re bringing up a couple other helicopters from other parts of the state that aren’t getting the totality to help the community out.
  9. Murse-In-Airy

    Upstate New York Mach-e Crew

    Define upstate? Everyone seems to think of that word differently. But no matter what, I wouldn’t bother. We’re expecting our county to triple in population. So I have to imagine lines at chargers will be so long you’ll miss the Eclipse. Unless you leave now.
  10. Murse-In-Airy

    PAAK Failed, no backup Start Passcode

    Same thing caused me to never rely on PAAK again. No key detected but not option to enter the backup start passcode. The prompt just never showed up on the sync screen. So I still gamble on drives close to home. But if I’m traveling more than 30 miles, I take a fob.
  11. Murse-In-Airy

    A2Z vs Lectron vs Other Brands

    I’m so cheap I’ve bought three Mach-E’s. 🤣 But it was because they made sense at that point and are long term expenditures that lead to an overall lower cost of driving. Same type of cheap that had me spending so much to get solar panels and electric heat pumps. The upfront cost is high, but...
  12. Murse-In-Airy

    A2Z vs Lectron vs Other Brands

    I might go a bit further too. I’ve owned two MME’s for over 3 years now without access to the Tesla Network. I don’t DCFC all that often. When I do it’s almost always EA. And most of the Tesla Superchargers on my routes have Magic Docks. So I am certainly in no rush. AND I’m cheap. 🤷‍♂️
  13. Murse-In-Airy

    A2Z vs Lectron vs Other Brands

    I’m cheap. I’ll be waiting for my Ford Adapters.
  14. Murse-In-Airy

    Underglow Lights

    There are rubber grommets on the firewall on each side of the car. They allow for fairly simple passing of wires from behind the frunk to inside under the dash. Search for my old thread about my first lighted pony.
  15. Murse-In-Airy

    Preconditioning efficiency

    I’ve tested this Shayne. And Mach-Lee did a write up too (which prompted my testing). Below 40°F, there isn’t much preconditioning going on at all if you have the cabin heat on. If you turn the cabin heat off, then you can watch the battery coolant inlet temp climb pretty quickly. The battery...
  16. Murse-In-Airy

    His and Hers

    It’s a different pair, but it’s the three year anniversary of being the first Dual Mach-E owner. Still happy with the cars each day.
  17. Murse-In-Airy

    Hertz "Horror Show"

    I pulled in to a DCFC at about 11PM Sunday night. There was a VW ID4 there with two early 20ish guys in it. They told me they liked my car. I asked about theirs. It was a rental. They were bemoaning how long it took to charge and said renting an electric car was “the worst decision of my life.”...
  18. Murse-In-Airy

    Syracuse Shelby Mustang Club Cruise In - June 9, 2024

    I still want that Focus TS I was parked next too. I’ll have to check my schedule this year. Problem is, if the weather is good, I’m expected to be fishing on the lake at that time. And if the weather is not good, there won’t be a show.
  19. Murse-In-Airy

    Newbie Road Trip 101?

    You are just a bit my senior. But even in the early 90s, crossing Nevada or the Dakotas without a plan and a map was ballsy.