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  1. ebeponyan

    NE US Regional Ford Rep

    Not invalidating your experience, but the BEV team has helped others on here get parts and repairs expedited. EDIT: I'd also be getting my car back if it's drivable and looking for a new dealership
  2. ebeponyan

    Not much of a mod, but Yeti just released a grabber blue color.

    Does it fit in the frunk cupholder? That would look great next to 5lbs of shrimp on ice.
  3. ebeponyan

    Introducing the 2024 Mustang Mach-E Lineup

    I wonder if it already has? Anecdotally, I saw 25-80% in a shade under 30 minutes last year, and it's plausible that the extra 15% at the bottom of the curve could be done in ~7 minutes at 110-120kW. Hope I'm wrong and we all get a bit of a boost OTA, but we're already not far off that mark. The...
  4. ebeponyan

    Contemplating first road trip. Seattle -> Los Angeles. Tips / Pointers / Recommendations?

    Here are a couple of past reports (largely from either side of I-5) that may interest you: 2023 Olympic Peninsula to Monterey on 101, back via Chico and Bend 2021 Seattle through Death Valley (and beyond) Also more detail on 101 Just glancing back through these threads, it's amazing how much...
  5. ebeponyan

    Going on vacation for a couple weeks can I charge the Mach-E to 100% then leave it in the garage?

    Refer to the manual. Here's a link, but preferably find the version relevant to your exact year and trim as recommendations may vary.
  6. ebeponyan

    Vancouver Surrey area

    I haven't used them yet to verify, but OnTheGo's FAQ says you can use a credit card either at the machine or inside if you don't have an account.
  7. ebeponyan

    Correct Plugshare Filters to Use with New Tesla Adapter

    If you filter by Tesla (Fast) and >=250kW, that should limit results to v3-v4 Superchargers that can be used by the Mach-E.
  8. ebeponyan

    Great Deals on new Thule roof racks

    Thule has more to say, but square will be cheaper, louder, eat up more range, and doesn't support T-Slot attachments. Evo overhangs the mounting brackets while wingbar edge does not, which could make an aesthetic or practical difference to you, range and noise between these two are similar, but...
  9. ebeponyan

    What about China? Support or Shun?

    There are all sorts of other reasons to answer no besides anticommunism.
  10. ebeponyan

    I hate the new UI on the drivers front screen.

    We're one mention of resale price away from hitting the redundant thread trifecta. Welcome anyway, it's not so bad here.
  11. ebeponyan

    FordPass 4.32.0 (Android) Released

    Departure times have actually been working pretty well for me over the last couple months. Would be a real shame if this update "fixed" that for me.
  12. ebeponyan

    Thoughts on Power-Up 7.0.0 ?!

    Through 6.8.0 and the second unnumbered power-up in the series. I did not receive 6.13.0 to my knowledge. Job 1 2021.
  13. ebeponyan

    Thoughts on Power-Up 7.0.0 ?!

    Soon, like actually soon. It's installing now on my 2021 Job 1.
  14. ebeponyan

    PowerUp 6.8.0 released

    Interesting choice, but helpful to know it was intentional.
  15. ebeponyan

    PowerUp 6.8.0 released

    Since this update I've noticed navigation disappear from the IPC a couple times while driving. Not regularly enough for me to pin it down.
  16. ebeponyan

    BestEvMod has a Christmas gift for you! Christmas giveaway raffle!

  17. ebeponyan

    Rear Ambient Lighting Zone DIY

    Automatically syncing with the front would not be worth the effort, in my opinion. To do so nonintrusively would require some kind of optical sensor and a more capable controller to identify and relay the color to match to your LED strip. For your time and money, just go with a prebuilt...
  18. ebeponyan

    EV chargers at a Washington rest stop

    Yes, I've charged at the South Custer stop a few times. You'll only get like 1kWh in a 15 minute bathroom break, but it's more than nothing.